Text Chat Operator Jobs From Home: 20+ Companies looking to hire you ( Includes Email Support Jobs) in 2022

Text Chat Operator Jobs From Home

Work From Home Chat Jobs

Are you looking for live text chat operator jobs from home?

These are popular types of online customer service jobs, where you can work from home at your flexible hours.

In this article, we will look at email customer service jobs from home, chat agent jobs and online texting jobs from home.

Most of the companies have good ratings from Glassdoor.

Now, let’s dive straight into in.

What are text chat operator jobs from home?

The job involves providing support through online chat and doesn’t involve the use of the phone. These are basically non-phone jobs and best suitable for people who are looking for online jobs for introverts.

You will be required to answer questions people may have. So you should be familiar with the companies product and services. Apart from this, you should have a good typing speed and stable internet connection for your pc or laptop.

The working hours can be really odd and you may be even be required to work on weekends.

On average, you can earn from $6 to $10 an hour.

20+ Companies For Online Chat Operator Jobs From Home


Apple is now hiring for customer service and technical support positions.

As a Technical Support Advisor, you’ll be supporting many of the popular products, from iPhones to iPads to MacBooks. As the customer’s first point of contact, you’ll be the friendly voice of Apple, providing world-class customer service, troubleshooting and technical support.

You’ll train and work in your home office, using the iMac provided for your role as an Apple Agent.

This position comes with competitive pay, great benefits, eligibility to participate in company stock plans, time off and product discounts.

Search and apply here


Arise hires customer support executives for a chat and email support jobs. These are mostly live support jobs. They hire independent people on a contract basis to support their own customers who need customer support.

There are multiple positions available all the time. The payment structure is based on the number of hours you dedicate to your work.

You can accommodate these jobs in your daily routine if you have enough free time.


Best Buy is considered to be the leading provider of technology products, services, and solutions. The support agents provide support for Apple and Microsoft products including some mobile apps.

Familiarity with the working of these products can increase your chances of selection.

Make sure you can be available for 35 hours per week and have more than 1 year of experience in troubleshooting these types of products.

The starting pay is $11 per hour.

For more details visit here


At Automattic, support work comes from all over the globe. Working here makes you grow as a person rather than an hour counting machine.

They have a special hiring process where after the interview you work with them for a certain amount of time. Then based on your performance you will be offered a full-time position where you would suit best.

The pay rate is very competitive and there are many benefits which you can avail on becoming a full-time member.


Sales, Service and Technical support roles are available at Concentrix.

This company really looks after its employees. The key upsides of working here are paid training and clear career paths.

Other benefits include performance-based incentives, medical benefits, paid holidays etc.

Depending on demand many positions are available at Concentrix in support positions. The job is to handle the chat and email tickets. Also, positions are available for claims specialists.


The GitHub Technical Support team is now hiring. This person will join GitHub as part of GitHub’s global support team and support customers around the world.

When GitHub users have questions, they contact Support and you would help them as quickly as possible. Technical support handles a variety of inquiries including questions surrounding Git, GitHub, GitHub Actions, GitHub Packages, and GitHUb’s Ecosystem. Support also works closely with the engineering team to track down bugs and improves documentation.

GitHub is a place for people to work better, together.


OutPlex is a leading digital and contact management services provider. The company has grown so much over 17 years that there are around 2000 candidates applying monthly.

OutPlex is a one-stop-shop of employees for Call center services, live chat or SMS support services, social media management support, software development, etc.

To be a part of their team is a matter of prestige. Drop your resume to check what is in store for you.

The Chat Shop

The Chat Shop is open 24/7 to provide support for customers worldwide. The job is usually providing chat support for a website.

You will be provided proper training before you are allotted work.

The remote jobs are more relaxed and personal time is sufficiently allowed.

There are job openings in sales support and live chat support for USA and UK based candidates.

For more details head over to their website


SiteStaff provides live chat software and staffing for small businesses. With their new office opening in Denver, there are many upcoming job opportunities at this firm. If you are selected there are a ton of benefits such as Detailed company training, Competitive training wage, Weekly bonuses, Increasing residual commissions and opportunities for accelerated career advancement.

There are sales hosts and chat host jobs usually available.

For more details about the company, qualification requirements, etc head over to their website.


PestoExperts provides you a platform for you to provide your expert services to people who want them. You can register yourself in Tutoring, Counselling, Technology Services, Programming services and many more.

All you have to do is make yourself available and the clients will approach you.

PestoExperts provides a content-rich platform to acquire new clients.

The communication can be done by chat, email or voice You can work on your own time and sign off when you wish.


This is one of the most trending dating apps. Many people you know may have definitely used it.

The users need to support 24/7 and your job would be to answer their queries.

You would have to make yourself familiar with the working of this app, the recommendation systems used and many policies associated with using it.

The company is in need of customer support executives who can work from their own homes. Positions in support may not be always open but there might be other openings in software.


Zapier is spread across 17 time zones and 24 countries. Most of the work in the company is done remotely. Communications are passed over Slack.

There are multiple support jobs available with various designations. The jobs are distributed in time zones and continents.

Work timings are very much flexible. All you need to get the job is a proper internet connection and some interpersonal skills.


The knack company was built completely remotely. They help people in building databases of their use. As the team works 100% remotely, the key feature to stay in the team is the ability to communicate extensively.

Support jobs are available in engineering as well as marketing. The team is constantly looking for enthusiastic people who can dedicate time to their support requirements.

The benefits here are worth working for. You get paid vacation, paid retreats, learning benefits and healthcare benefits.


ModSquad is a digital marketing firm helping brands make sure their products are advertised to the right audience. It provides digital services to top brands in media, technology, and organizations of every type, from agencies to Fortune 500 companies.

There are multiple departments that require support employees to handle customer’s requests and that the core team can work with the real issues and solve them. Most probably you will end up being a brand representative or in service-account management.


Uber, one of the most popular ride-sharing agencies, has requirements for people in email and chats support domain.

They would be required to handle the vast number of day-to-day inquiries.

Candidates who are available for 40 hours a week and preferably, have a college degree(not compulsory) should apply. Good communication skills and multi-tasking are some other required skills.

Pay starts from $10 per hour. Other benefits including Uber service discounts, paid off time, etc. are also offered.

3-days training is done before full-time hiring.


Support.com provides tech support for customers and organizations. The devices can be PCs and Macs, smartphones, and all the devices in the connected home — including home automation systems, home theaters, wearables, and drones.

There are many job opportunities available at this site with different roles. Shifts are flexible. The pay starts at about $11 per hour.

You are required to have some tech support experience to join the team. Higher positions require more experience. There would be a small training period before you start to work. There is also a mandatory background check.


Buffer helps its customers build their brands and grow their businesses on social media. The core team is spread out over the globe and works remotely.

They focus on the welfare of their customers and team members equally. Attractive perks are offered in addition to the base payout for completing different tasks.

The work is to manage customer’s buffer accounts and support them with their queries. Based on requirements, customer specialist positions are also available.

To know more about the company and job prospects head over to this link.

Fancy Hands

The core work of fancy hands is tech support. In addition to that, they also provide dedicated support for business organizations.

Fancy Hands offers tech support jobs which include live chat support, e-mail support. There are other jobs in data entry, scheduling appointments, tracking the best prices, making phone calls, searching hotels with a specification and others. You can work as an independent contractor as well.

Go to Fancy Hands, set up your profile, tell them your skills and they will provide the best job for you. You can earn $3-$7 for a task.


Ginger offers behavioral healthcare to people in need of emotional and mental health support. Ginger utilizes AI to deliver its members access to high-quality emotional and mental health support within seconds.

Based on your skill-set and qualifications you can apply for clinical as well as technical support positions. If you think you can help those in need and have the necessary abilities head over to the website and make your profile. They will get back to you with suitable work.


LivePerson is a customer support platform for 18,000 businesses all over the world. They aim to provide seamless and intelligent support to customers of top brands.

Based on your skills you can select the jobs in live support, chat support, email support, etc. Apply for them in their global offices and their team will get back to you.

For more details on roles and responsibilities click here

Kelly Connect

Kelly Connect is a renowned service provider in Education, Science, Engineering, Office and Light Industrials, and many more services. They keep the work to the point and minimum complexities in doing a job.

They are always looking for people who would work for them. A minimum high school diploma and some experience in customer support are necessary. The pay starts at $15 per hour and you can also get a $500 bonus for training completion.

Capital Typing

Capital typing provides data transcription, language translation, data entry, and market research work. They have a wide variety of departments and usually, there is a spot or two for many of the positions.

In addition to the above-mentioned jobs, there are live chat support and email support jobs available.

Attractive compensation rates are offered. They ask you to complete a small task before applying. Also, be prepared for a skype interview.


The Operator hires for customer support of its own application. You will have to recommend the shopper’s products according to their demands and make their experience seamless. The products you recommend would be among the companies that partner with Operator.

The operator support agents named ‘Experts’ earn around $10 with added commissions if the customers buy the products recommended by them.

The minimum amount to be dedicated is 20 hours per week in flexible shifts of 4-8 hours. If your application gets selected, you would have to take a compulsory skills test.

Live World

The Live World offers companies much needed customer support in messaging apps and social media. You can also be assigned work of responding to customer feedback and answering a few questions.

This job is for the people who know the breadths and depths of social media. Also, bilingual people can try their hand at translation depending on the number of jobs available.

To know more about the company hit the link.

Gear Launch

GearLaunch is a customer support platform. It connects the supporting team to the Shopify app to make it simpler and easier for business owners to sell products and process payments.

The company is constantly in need of customer support agents who can manage its customers in need of help.

It is mandatory to have good communication skills, a good internet connection, and a working computer to work here.

You are also required to sit in a quiet place and mention your working hours and appropriate tasks would be allocated.

For more details click here.

Summary on text chat operator jobs from home

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