10+ Best Apps That Make You Money for iPhone iOS (in 2020)

Apps That Make You Money for iPhone iOS

iPhone Apps That Pay You Money

Who doesn’t like a little bit of extra cash? Especially if it can be earned by doing simple tasks anywhere and anytime.

In this article, we will look into easy ways to make money with iOS/iPhone apps. You can also take a look at a similar article on best-paying apps for android.

While none of these apps might be able to replace your main source of income, they will definitely help reduce the burden by clearing certain expenses and bills.

The Best iOS Apps to Make Money Every Day

Below are 10+ best-paying apps available on the iPhone for you to earn an extra income.


Ibotta is one of the most user-favorite apps on earning easy money. It takes only a couple of seconds and is extremely easy to use. Being an incredible way to save money and earn cashback on your purchases, it could add in extra money in your bank.

How to get started:

It is a receipt scanning application that allows you to redeem cashback on particular purchases in certain stores via your mobile phone.

All you have to do is select the store you plan to make a purchase in. Ibotta will show you a list of items that will earn you cashback you can redeem and other offers available at the retailer. Once you make your purchase, you will just have to submit a proof of your purchase, meaning a scanned receipt.  Once that is done, Ibotta will add the amount to your cashback balance. It will pay you through either Gift cards or PayPal.

You will also be able to earn some amount of money by linking cards and referrals. Ibotta offers $5 for every referral you make. Along with other monthly promotions, you will also receive a $10 bonus after the redemption of your first Ibotta offer.

This extremely easy to use app is a great way to earn some easy cash if you’re a frequent shopper.


Swagbucks is another incredible application available on iOS which allows you to earn money by doing simple everyday tasks like playing games, watching videos, shopping online and online surveys.

How to get started:

You can earn points doing the above-mentioned tasks which can then be redeemed for a variety of gift cards or PayPal. Each task is worth certain SB points. According to your points, you will get Gift cards or PayPal. It can take less than 10 days for you to receive your payment, but it is usually quite faster.

Apart from all these, you will earn $5 on signing up and 10% of the earnings of your referrals. Swagbucks also offers discounts and deals quite regularly.

But with all that said, there is a limit on how much you can earn every day on Swagbucks. Hence, this money-making app will not make you rich but will help you gain some extra buck.


If you have too many CDs or books that you want to get rid of, Decluttr offers you an easy way to get rid of all the unwanted things. And while doing so you also get paid.

How to get started:

 Decluttr is an application available on the app store as well as a website that makes it easy to sell old cell phones, CDs, DVDs, video games, books, etc.

Using the application on your iPhone, you can simply scan the barcode on the items you wish to sell. Decluttr will take the item’s information and tell you the price they will pay for the product.

If you accept what they are willing to pay, you will receive a mail containing a shipping label, so that you can ship all the things you want to sell for free.

Once they receive the items that you sent in their warehouse, they’ll check it and you get your money. You will be paid through either Direct Deposit or Check or PayPal if your items are in good enough condition.

Decluttr helps you throw out all the things you don’t need in your life and helps you earn an extra buck for it.


If you are a frequent shopper and not using Rakuten, you are at a serious loss. Rakuten is a cashback service app that offers its customers cashback on purchases they make online. All you gotta do is use the Rakuten link before making the purchase.

How to get started:

Rakuten allows you to earn anywhere from 1% to 40% on your online and in-store purchases.

You can sign up for free and earn $10 just for signing up. You can also earn $25 just by making referrals. Rakuten also tracks your shopping trips but they have a strict privacy policy of not selling personal data to a third party. 

With the main objective of allowing consumers to make money off of purchases they make, it is also extremely easy to use. You can choose the retailer you’re planning to make a purchase at, from within the app. Once you get notified that the cashback has been activated, you will be directed to the retailer’s site from where you can continue your purchase. Proper cashback will be tracked and added to your personal account after the completion of our purchase.

Not only cashback but Rakuten also offers many coupon codes, discounts, saver deals, etc. 


Mobilexpression is another excellent money-making application that will pay you for just using your mobile. 

With a goal to understand the trends and behaviors of people using the internet, the application helps large companies with their market research.

How to get started:

All you have to do is download this incredible app on your iPhone and then use your internet the way you normally would. The application will ask for permission to monitor your internet usage and collect the required data based on it.

Based on how much you use your phone; you will earn your points. Mobilexpression also offers weekly prices like gift cards and merchandise. You can also redeem your reward points to receive either cash or gift cards, according to your own choice.

Pinecone research

Pinecone Research app is an online application available on IOs devices that will help you earn money by taking surveys and sharing your valuable and personal opinions.

How to get started:

All you gotta do is answer a few questions and you have the extra money in your pockets. 

With excellent reviews and customer feedback, Pinecone Research is a reputed and trustworthy app on which you get paid for participating in market research-based surveys where you have to give your opinions about certain products and brands.

Each survey takes somewhere between 10 to 15 minutes to complete and is worth approximately $3. The more surveys you participate in, the more you earn. At an approximate value, you are bound to earn around $10 at minimum for an hour spent taking Pinecone research surveys.

Redemption of your points can be done in the form of PayPal or Gift cards. Also, you also get an option to shop for a variety of products anywhere from household items to electronics using your points on the application itself.


Neilsen Computer and Mobile Panel is an application that can be installed on your iPhone for free. It is an easy source of income wherein you have to do literally nothing, and you can still earn some amount of money.

How to get started:

All you have to do is install the application on your phone. It is designed to track how people use their internet, the internet speed, applications installed and regular use of your phone.

It collects data which is then beneficial for major companies. It’s all about your internet usage, and all your personal data is kept confidential.

After the installation of this safe and secure app, you will start earning points which can then be redeemed to get gift cards or PayPal checks.


Toluna is a well-known and reputed name when it comes to online survey sites and apps that pay you to do the same.

One of the perks of using Toluna is that you have many categories to choose from. Hence, you can take up surveys on topics that you are interested in, rather than random things that have nothing to do with you.

Apart from that, Toluna lets you interact with other users when you are not participating in surveys and earning money. 

It is definitely a great way to earn some extra cash and is reliable and safe for usage. It also offers two different types of surveys: longer and profile. Profile surveys take barely a minute or two while longer surveys might take a little over 10 minutes. And accordingly, while profile surveys are worth 100 points, longer surveys will earn you more.

You can redeem your points through cash, merchandise or even gift cards.

These were a few methods which will surely cover up a few bills for you. Super easy and convenient to use, these applications will definitely help reduce the burden while letting to earn a little more money sitting at home or at your own convenience.


Lucktastic is an application available for both iPhone and android to download which allows you to earn rewards and cash and prizes by just scratching virtual cards.

It’s a free app that lets you earn which allows you the chance to earn some extra bucks for scratching off virtual cards to try and get some rewards. Though the rewards vary from card to card, you will either earn tokens which can be used to redeem gift cards or real cash.

How to get started:

Here’s a great thing about Luckastic – it’s super user-friendly.

With easy and direct signing up methods, all you need is a ZIP code and be a US resident. You need to be registered to redeem your rewards, once you start playing. It also shows you a demo tutorial to make your life easy.

The grand prize for each scratcher can range anywhere from 25 tokens to $10,000 cash. Thus, you are bound to win at least 75 coins a day for free by playing.

All scratch cards refresh every morning at 5:00 am EST. And redeeming your tokens is super simple. Once you’ve collected enough tokens or cash, you simply have to tap on a four-leaf clover on the top side of your screen and select redeem cash.

Though it might not fetch you loads of money, it’s a good play for when you’re free with nothing to do and want to test out your luck.


BookScouter is a free application that you can download on an iPhone or android. This is a definite option if you spend time with books. BookScouter allows you to buy and sell books at the best available prices. Selling books at good rates will definitely earn you some money.

How to get started:

The application uses various algorithms that allow it to search for books by the ISBN number, which is essentially a social security number for books, on the sites of other sellers.

It’s super easy to operate and the tasteful and elegant layout makes it more appealing for use. It makes the process of selling and buying super easy for you and offers you the best deals available. Registration only requires you to create an account using your email or other social sites.

One great feature of this application is that it helps you differentiate between reputed vendors and lesser-known vendors, with ratings.

So, if you have books to sell or a few to buy, BookScouter is a great option.


Drop is easy to use, free application that you can download on your iPhone or Android. It lets you supercharge your debit and credit cards and get rewarded for spending at your favorite stores with extra points.

How to get started:

Drop points never expire and it is a great way to earn rewards along with the shopping portal bonuses and credit card points.

The drop also offers 1000 points straight just for referring this application to your friends and family.

All you need to do is link your credit and/or debit card/cards. Then you can shop at your favorite locations like Starbucks, Uber, McDonald’s, Target, Whole Foods and many more to earn points. Once you have enough points, you can redeem them and get your rewards.

The drop also gives you various offers and deals. It will automatically track your spending patterns and award you bonus points accordingly.

It’s definitely a great option to make money on spending.


One of the most popular options for a side income because of its wide variety of options for earning points and great redemption policies.

Though it is majorly an online survey application, it offers many other ways to earn your points such as watching videos, playing video games, shopping on the partnered websites, etc.

How to get started:

The sign-up process is pretty easy and user-friendly. And you earn 100 points for just downloading the free application.

Once you earn enough points, you can redeem them in a number of ways. You can get real cash or get gift cards or even convert your points to airline miles with United Mileage.

With its large variety of options to earn points and flexible and customer-centric redemption policies, MyPoints is a great opportunity for you to earn money with quite a little effort.


If you want to sell or buy clothes and accessories online, Poshmark is the place for you. You spend less and earn more. It’s a free app that can be downloaded on both Android and iPhone, which makes the process of buying and selling easier, more mobile-friendly while emphasizing quite a lot on social media.

How to get started:

Buyers get to follow you, their sellers, the types of items they want and/or the brands they are interested in. It makes the experience great for both the buyers and sellers.

As a seller, you can click pictures of clothes and accessories you want to sell and upload them to the Poshmark App. To get buyers you need people to follow your profile and/or closet.

Once you get your buyers, you have to ship it to them within 7 business days. You will also get the option to cancel the transaction if you want.

Poshmark boasts to be one of the easiest online consignment stores that help sellers make money easily for items that are in good condition.


Fiverr is a great way of earning some extra buck for doing something you enjoy to do. It is an online marketplace, which allows entrepreneurs to discover freelancers.

As a freelancer, you’ll get a chance to work on a variety of projects with close to no restrictions. If you want to dip your toe in different creative fields, this a great way to do it.

How to get started:

All you have to do is sign up with the website and start listing your services in the form of Gigs, which start from $5 to $1,000.

You get an opportunity to earn extra cash while exploring options and doing what you enjoy.

The platform is pretty easy to use and straightforward. And the staff up there is quite nice to you too, helping you with any issue you have fairly quickly.

Fiverr will allow you to experience a great amount of exposure. You get to deal with a variety of people and get a good opportunity practicing handling clients.

Even if Fiver will not provide you with a consistent flow of money, it’s a great way to earn some extra cash.


Lyft is a simple, user-friendly ridesharing app that you can download for free on your iPhone. It matches the customer to the nearest driver, who then takes you to the place you desire.

How to get started:

Lyft has three core values for its employees – uplift others, be yourself and make it happen. And who doesn’t want to work in a place like this?

You as a driver and employee at Lyft will get paid to do something that you do every day i.e driving. You let people share rides and boom! You’re earning extra cash. It doesn’t even have to be a full-time job.

On average Lyft drivers are estimated to make $18 an hour. This means if you spend an hour sharing rides, for a whole entire month you’ll earn over $540. And that is a good price for just spending an hour.

You just have to check the most basic boxes, like being over 21, proper license, insurance, vehicle inspection, and a clear background. A background check shouldn’t take more than 3-5 days, on average.

So, if you like to drive around, and don’t mind sharing your car, Lyft would be a great way to earn some extra cash.  


Thanks for reading! I hope you like this article on the best apps that make you money for iPhone/iOS.

In this age of smartphones, applications have been built by multiple developers to help people earn extra income. As a part-time job might not be a practical solution for everyone, money-making apps can be extremely beneficial.

Have I missed anything on the list? Do share in the comments section below.

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