Insight Global Review: A Brilliant Job Opportunity Or A Scam?

Are you someone looking for a job? Do you want an organization to connect you with possible recruiters? Do you just want a temporary internship to skill you better or provide you a work experience?

Insight Global is the perfect place for you! If your answer is yes to even one of the questions. Insight Global has established itself to be a credible and reliable company amidst all the rumors that have been put on it. Though many allegations on it hold some evidence, the fact that Insight Global was ranked amongst many companies as one of the best places to work is a reputed fact in itself and grants prestige to the company.

The trend of staffing corporations was established long ago, but Insight global has turned out to be one of the finest in the category. So the question arises, what is a staffing company?

A staffing company is simply a company that connects prospective employees to employers looking for hiring people. Insight Global has a wide network of employers and employees and benefits both sides of the coin. It is not a small achievement that Insight Global has worked with most companies on Fortune 500. An even greater accomplishment was that CEO Bert Bean was ranked one of the best CEOs in America!

It won many awards last year like-

What Is Insight Global?

Insight Global is a renowned staffing company and services provider. It is one of the biggest companies in the Discretionary Consumer sector! Founded by Glenn Johnson in 2000, the company has grown since then to a major global commercial giant. It provides opportunities for everything from helping you get a job, helping promotion to offer you a chance to work with them! Their interests are varied and broadly categorized in two sections-

  1. Staffing Services (Employees can be hired for short term or long term work)-
    1. Information and Technology
    2. Accounting and Finance
    3. Engineering
    4. Government
    5. Executive Search
  1. Managed Services (Various responsibilities are outsourced)-
    1. Infrastructure
    2. Talent Optimization
    3. End-User Support
    4. Application Development
    5. Engineering

How Does Insight Global Work?

Insight Global believes in connecting people who want to work to people who wish to hire. The Recruiters of Insight Global have a large database with details and resumes of over a million prospective employees of companies. 

Insight Global also uses some good resume searching resources such as Career Builder, Monster, Dice, etc.

Insight Global usually prefers people who are currently working with them to work with their clients. They also provide opportunities to people who have worked with Insight Global previously, provided their availability. Besides the two, Insight Global uses its repository of candidates to find the perfect fit for a company.

The way Insight Global works is really simple! In such a hectic corporate structure, the Fortune 500 companies do not have much time to search over a plethora of resumes to find the perfect employee for their need, so Insight Global does that work by connecting the people who they find fit to the job needed.

Insight Global ensures that they refer only the best applicants from the pool of applications they have to maintain its reputation as a credible employee connection company.

It provides perfect fits in 4 categories-

  1. Temporary Staffing– If you want to work or hire, it does not have to be permanent! Insight Global helps provide the perfect candidate for a temporary job. The recruiters and account managers of Insight Global maintain close contact with various consultants to ensure that every consultancy opportunity finds an ideal deserving person.
  1. Temporary to Hire– It is also called a Contract-To-Hire Basis. You can also take it as an assessment or a long interview where the company you work for determines whether you are the perfect fit or you will be able to do the task or not. It is also a wonderful opportunity for an employee! How? It will help you gain experience and learn essential skills that are required in the corporate world. Even if you are not hired permanently, you can apply to an even greater company with the work experience you gained from your temporary experience. The period may vary from two months to a year or two; it is not fixed but depends on the company which will hire you.
  1. Direct Hire– When sometimes clients require a direct-hire, Insight Global refers to its database and, after a rigorous selection process, tries to identify the perfect candidate for a specific position, whether it is for a full-time job, part-time job or just temporary job!
  1. Managed Services– The Managed Services Division Section of Insight Global is a collection of Insight Global’s approach, practices, and people that help advance a company, its infrastructure, business practices, or economic approach. Their industry-leading ideas help provide an array of various solutions in every domain.

How Can Be Your Career Path At Insight Global?

Apart from the opportunity mentioned above as getting placed through Insight Global, you also have a chance to be work directly at Insight Global. 

There are two ways to work directly at Insight Global-

  1. Recruiter: This is your entry point to Insight Global. It is the position you will get when you join the company. Remember, the options may not be very lucrative for someone who is a skilled worker, but someone in dire need of opportunity may happily accept an offer as a recruiter.

As a Recruiter, your job is like a telemarketer, making over a thousand calls, finding possible recruits for the client’s needs by conducting interviews, face-to-face discussions, etc. It is essential to have good judgment and decision making skills as a recruiter. You will also grow as a business person and would have an account manager as your mentor. One thing to note is that the promotion to Account Manager is purely on a merit basis and not tenure. Promotions can take up to 6-9 months.

  1. Account Manager: The Account Managers are at the primary position at Insight Global. They are the ones who negotiate directly with Fortune 500 companies, strike deals, request placements, and finalize allotments.

Account managers arrange a meeting with potential clients to find out their needs and the skills they are looking for in an employee.

The Account Managers become really trustworthy and credible service providers to the clients by regularly providing them with top-tier talent. 

They reflect the values of Insight Global as they believe that the key to a long-standing business partnership is consumer trust and top-quality consumer service.

Account managers also mentor new recruiters and ensure that, with their guidance, the recruiters are able to climb the ladder of hierarchy in the company. They also set goals regularly for the recruiters to achieve and hold weekly meetings to discuss strategies for better recruitment.

Is Insight Global a Scam or Legit?

If Insight Global was a scam, it would have been taken down soon. Any company which has existed for over 20 years and has provided top quality services to clients, hired employees, and even awarded as one of the best places to work in, cannot be a scam. It takes immense trust and consumer satisfaction to establish oneself as a global commercial company, and if Insight Global has succeeded in doing so, it should not be a scam.

That being said, every company has its fair share of advantages and disadvantages. Not all the reviews of a company will be excellent. Though the hiring and promotion practices at Insight Global may be considered skeptical, the company itself is not definitely a scam.

Insight Global gives all the chances of working in various diverse roles and has a fair promotion structure. You will not lose our money or get fired for doing something. Insight Global does not ask you for money, nor does it say that you can double your money in a few ways. It is as legit as it gets because everything you do happens before your eyes.

You are granted a commission for what you recruit, provided with mentors who support you, and also some employee benefits that we may discuss later.

Although there exist complaints of a toxic work atmosphere, poor salaries, and corrupt promotion practices, Insight Global is not trying to scam you! It is a well-established commercial company which has won several accolades in its business sector.

Does Insight Global scam college kids?

Mostly, it is only the fresher college kids or dropouts who approach Insight Global for working opportunities. It is also usually the other way round where it is Insight Global itself approaching the college graduates with a work offer. It is because Insight Global requires you to have only specific soft skills in order to accept you. It does not require you to know the software, hardware, or rocket science. The work at Insight Global is simple, pick up the phone and start calling!

Due to this, several claims have come that Insight Global is scamming college kids. The question of whether it scams college kids or not is a very subjective one and varies from person to person. Though it is clearly established Insight Global is not a scam, their practices may be a little questionable.

Not everyone likes hustling every day by making calls one after another, especially if the outcome is not very exceptional but just promotion to an Account manager. So if you ask these people, they will say that Insight Global is a fraud.

But on the other hand, there are people for whom promotion to an account manager is worth it all, and they are ready to put in the work. Though the salaries of Account Manager may or may not be very high, it is the promise of a high salary by Insight Global that comes off as a scam to many.

So clearly, there are two sides to a coin when talking about the legitimacy of Insight Global. Different people will give you different views, but that will not alter the fact that Insight Global is a well-established company and is approached by many Fortune 500 companies in hiring practices.

An important thing to note is that Insight Global is not a multinational company where you may expect to work for the whole of your life; it is just a way to get work experience and learn essential skills that will later help in the work environment. So anything that is coming with it is a bonus.

Also, the business practices of Insight Global may vary from branch to branch, so it is not necessary that the complaints of one branch may be heard at another. So you absolutely do not need to worry about it being a scam! But you should keep in mind whether you really want to put so many hours into calling and marketing practices, because of it monotonous and can get tiring.

Is Insight Global A Pyramid Scheme?

NO! A pyramid scheme is basically a system where a company pays you for making others join the company. While it may seem that Insight Global’s process is similar, it is not a pyramid scheme!

Insight Global does not pay for making people join their company; they pay for hiring people for their clients! What’s the difference? A pyramid scheme directly benefits the company by helping the company enlarge its user base, but at Insight Global, it is the clients that benefit directly, and the clients pay Insight Global. 

Clearly, Insight Global has no product, which it is trying to promote or does not have a service that needs a large number of users. They can be looked upon as a solutions provider who provides their expertise and skills to the various companies to help them grow.

Insight Global is a legally established staffing agency that has nothing to do with any products because they do not produce any products to sell.

What services Insight Global offers and How To Apply?

Insight Global is simply in the people business. It offers various services from recruiting people for jobs to providing consultants and temporary workers in every domain, from finance to electronics. The enrolment process at Insight Global is fairly simple!

  • STEP 1- After you submit your application and resume, there will be an aphonic interview. It will be done to assess the level of education you have and what skills you can contribute.
  • STEP 2- When you are through step 1, there will be a personal face-to-face interview so that the manager can attest that your qualifications are real and that you fit the requirements of the job.
  • STEP 3- Managerial references are really helpful if you want to get hired quickly. If you have enough working experience and the managers can recommend you as an employee, you will gain credibility.
  • STEP 4- In the last process, you interact directly with the hiring manager, who ensures that you are a perfect fit for the company’s culture as well as have the required job qualifications.

This simple process is all there is between you and Insight Global’s clients!

What are the pay rates and benefits?

Insight Global hires a wide number of people as recruiters, software developers, accountants, etc. Due to varying roles as a company employee or as a hire for another company, the salaries vary greatly.

Source: Payscale

According to PayScale, a recruiter can earn an average salary of $35,949 and can earn up to $48,000. An Account Manager can earn up to $66,000, with an average of $30,000 per year.

LinkedIn reports that the Salary range runs from $32,000 per annum to $52,000 per annum.

Though the salaries may not be very lucrative or one that you will find at big multinational companies, keeping in mind the nature of work you have to do, the package of salary is pretty good and justified. After all, Insight Global may just be your launching pad to something big!

Employee Benefits-

  • Medical: The insurance is covered by United Healthcare with various choices for in-network insurances. It grants flexibility and freedom from medical expenses.
  • Dental: Dental insurance is provided by MetLife.
  • Vision: The vision insurance is provided by United Healthcare Vision.
  • Flexible Spending Account: Pre-tax benefits are provided for medical and dependent care, and it is administered by Discovery Benefits.
  • Retirement: The savings plan is in accordance with 401(k) along with company matching.
  • Weekly Pay: The payment of salaries and reimbursements are always on a weekly basis at Insight Global.
  • Direct Deposit: Direct Deposits are available to all employees.
  • Paperless Pay Statements: Option to view and manage paycheck online is provided.
  • Allowances: Allowances for transport, phone, etc. are provided when required.
  • Incentives: Incentives and bonuses are provided at the end of one year.

Reviews And Complaints

Like all the other companies in the corporate space, Insight Global has both positive and negative reviews!

As you can see, reviews are a mixture of both good and bad things. Though people have praised Insight Global for helping with setting up their jobs and their work environment, many have criticized them for the delay in payment, absence of much travel, etc.

What you will like at Insight Global will totally be your perspective! There will be things that you do not find anywhere, but at Insight Global and at the same time, there will be things that you find everywhere but not at Insight Global. So before joining the company, you have to be clear about what it is that you exactly want.


  • Good Benefits: It will be fair to say that Insight Global provides everything from allowances to insurances for the employees that many companies do not.
  • Team Work: You work along with a team of recruiters, which provides you with a team-work experience which is necessary for the long term.
  • Free Mentorship: The Account Managers provide mentorship to all new recruiters, which is beneficial for growth as an employee.
  • Weekly Salary: You get paid for your work weekly as an employee at Insight Global.
  • Develop Inter-Personal Skills: You develop essential marketing and Inter-Personal skills while calling and communicating with potential employees.
  • Credible: Insight Global was established in 2000, and hence is credible to many corporations and not a scam.


  • Long Work Hours: The work hours are long and tedious.
  • Poor Compensation: The compensation is poor and may not be enough.
  • Questionable Promotion Measures: Though promotions are made on merit, it is not clearly specified what merit means.
  • Boring Work: Though calling people is simple, it is not interesting and may get irritating after a few days.
  • Payment Issues: Few instances of delay in payment have come up.

Should you join Insight Global? There is no perfect answer to this question as per me. It totally depends on your needs and the kind of work you are looking for. If you are well settled already, leaving it to work for Insight Global is not a very good idea, but if you are in need of a job, Insight Global may open doors to opportunity for you!

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