Writers.work Review – Is it a Scam or Legit? (I tried for 1 Month)

writer's work review

Welcome to my Writers.work review.

If you want to know whether Writers.work is a legit platform for freelance writers or it’s a total scam, then before spending your money on that website spare some time to read my review about Writers.work.

There are lots of opinions, reviews and criticisms about Writers.work over the internet.

So I decided to practically test their website’s features and tools for 30 days so that I can write my honest review about the authenticity of Writers.work despite all the vague reviews over the internet.

Note: First of all, I am not an affiliate or any kind of Promoter. I just went to test the services provided by Writers.work and whether it’s beneficial for freelance writers or a total scam to fool writers. It’s my personal opinion, which anybody can agree to or disagree with.

What’re these Writers work all about?

Writers work is an online platform for freelance writers to find online writing jobs. The application also provides tools needed for a writer like an inbuilt text editor with more advanced features, character counter, etc.

Not only they provide tools for freelance writers, but the site’s main feature is also they search job postings from different sites and lists them all in your account’s dashboard. They don’t employ or provide jobs directly but their advertisement is kinda misleading.

In addition to these, they provide online courses and training videos to help freelance writers boost up their freelance writing skills.

They also help freelance Writers to set up their portfolio which can be customized and provides a custom URL for the portfolio.

These are the major features in Writers work. I’ll explain all these in detail later, including the small tools they provide.

Is Writers Work Legit or Scam?

Writer’s work doesn’t appear to be a scam website. The application does come with a lot of cool features, tools and training videos.

At the same time, you can get these features and jobs directly for free, if you simply search on Google or job websites and boards such as Indeed, Problogger, Craigslist and so on.

Whether free is the best option or paid plan, you can decide after reading more further details in the article for yourself.

Is Writers Work free to use?

No, it’s not free. You’ll have to pay to use Writer’s work. They don’t even offer a trial period usage.

They do offer a 30-day money-back guarantee both on a life-time membership plan and on their monthly plan. But it can take up to 10 business days to process the refund according to their website.

Is there any qualification required to get gigs/jobs in Writers Work?

You don’t need any qualifications for most gigs or jobs. As they mostly list job postings of external sites, the requirements may differ from one company to another company. Some companies require basic qualifications while some don’t require qualifications.

However, you can learn something with their training videos if you are completely new to freelance writing and start applying for writing jobs. 

How much money you can make with Writers Work?

This site claims that you can earn up to $20 to $60 per hour which sounds like a good thing.

 However, they’ve also mentioned that earnings will not be guaranteed for everyone in the disclaimer page of their website, which means you can even earn nothing.

The amount of money you can make depends on your skill and the type of job you get.

What are Writers Work Pricing Plans?

writer's work pricing plan

 They offer two plans:

  • Pay $47 Once and you’ll never need to pay again
  • Pay $15 every month.

They mention $47 as an early bird pricing for the “Pay once” plan while the normal price is $94. But I think that this is just to fool the buyers as the price never returns to $94 even after a long time.

I chose the $15 monthly plan for the reviewing purpose.

However One time $47 is a good plan to choose than the monthly $15 plan if you have a budget.

What are Writers Work Complete Features?

Now, I’ll show how the site looks and explain all the features present in detail, and my views about these features.

writer's work dashboard

This is how the site looks after logging into the account. You can see the list of features and unknown items on the left side which we’ll see now.

  • Job Section
writer's work jobs

This is where the job postings from various sites are shown. You can use the various filters they’ve provided to search for job postings.

One important thing is, upon clicking a job posting you’ll be redirected to the job provider’s website where you’ll need to follow the selection process to get selected for the job. Writer work even shows the job postings applied through their website which is not that popular.

 I’ll cover this job section in-depth later in this article.

  • Submissions Section

The Submission section is very similar to the job section except for the filters and the job type only differs. You can search for a job based on different categories like travel, lifestyle, etc. You can also search for jobs based on the pay rate.

In this section, you’ll find jobs where you’ll need to submit the mentioned article on the job provider’s website and get paid by the job provider.

There is a good chance that you may not get paid by the job provider, So verify their website before doing the writing work.

  • Project, Task and Document Section

This is where you can create, edit and organize all your writing works. In the project section, you can create projects and tasks whereas, in both the task and document section, you can edit or create your documents or your writings.

Below is the inbuilt text editor feature which they boast about.

The inbuilt text editor shows a Readability score for your writing and a grade level which is required to read your writing.

They also provide suggestions for the misspelled words or incorrect sentence form in the document in addition to other small features like the word count, text stats, etc.

There’s an audio feature in the text editor which consists of default ambient sounds that can be played while you’re writing your document.

You can also share this document directly to Medium.com or on your WordPress site.

I liked all the features of their inbuilt text editor.

  • University Section and Premium Courses

Now coming to the University section, It’s divided into three modules with an Introductory section. The first two modules will help you improve your freelance writing career while the third module provides you with basic knowledge and tips to kick start your freelance writing.

Videos like How to create a first impression with killer headlines, choosing the right document will surely help a beginner freelance writer.

They also offer a 2 Premium course for $99 each which I didn’t try but I don’t think it’s worth the amount as there are lots of cheap courses available on the internet.

  • Portfolio section

I mainly loved this portfolio feature. You can create your portfolio page with the services that you are offering.

You’ll also get a custom URL for your portfolio page. Using the “Hire me” button on the portfolio page, clients can contact you for any orders which will be shown in the “Client Order Section” in your account’s dashboard.

Your profile will also be visible in the Writers Work market place which is not that popular.

  • Other Small Features

Features like Stats useful for seeing your WPM, No. of characters typed and Goals are useful to set a target (No of words) for you to complete.

These are all the features available in Writers Work. I’ve tried to fully cover all the features in-depth.

Job Types, Pay Rate, and the Selection Process

Now, let’s see about the type of jobs Writers work posts, about the pay rate of these jobs and the selection process of these jobs.

Type of jobs are listed in the Jobs section:

They’ve listed many job types. Some of them are,

  • Copy Editor
  • WordPress Writer
  • Ghost Writer
  • Book Reviewer
  • Technical Writer

Main Source of these Job postings:

Mostly the jobs postings listed are from the below sites:

  • Indeed
  • Craigslist
  • Mediabistro
  • Journalism jobs
  • Problogger

Pay Rate of these Job Postings:

They don’t show the Pay Rate of a job directly on their job listing. However, the jobs they list seem to have a pay rate between $20 to $60 on average while some job’s pay rate may be lower or higher from the mentioned Pay Rate.

 While on Submission Section (explained above in the article), they post submissions that pay $0.10- $0.70 per word, $10 – $100 per article while rarely, some submissions pay more than this.

Selection Process

The selection process differs for each site. For example, a job posting from indeed may require your resume to be sent and you have to wait for your call while a different site doesn’t require your resume to be sent but you may need to pass their online test to get shortlisted.

Whether you are applying for the job through the company’s website or Writers work both do the same work your selection process doesn’t differ.

Like I said before Writer’s work is just a platform for listing jobs. It’s doesn’t have any sort of advantage of getting you selected. It all depends on your skill.

What I like about Writers.work

1. One time Subscription Plan

For a one-time payment of $47, you’re getting something worth that is needed for a writer. Though I think they should’ve included some additional features, the training videos they’ve included compensates everything.

2. Classy Website Interface

 I thought that the website’s UI  will be somewhat simple or dull, before signing up. But the way they have designed their website is very elegant and gives a professional look. In performance-wise, the website seems to be bug-free.

3. Well- Organized Dashboard

 The main thing that I liked very much is the Dashboard. It consists of tools and features necessary for a writer, all in just one dashboard. Whether you need a text editor, or in search of writing jobs, the dashboard they’re provided saves all the hectic work and allows you to efficiently use your time.  

4. Well, Responsive Support team

Though I heard that their Support team rarely gives responses to the emails of their clients, In my case, they were quick to respond to the questions posed by me on their online chat system.

What I don’t like

  • No Free Trials

They should’ve given free trials so that if freelance writers can choose to pay if they liked the features of Writers work. This shows that the Writers Work company is not even confident with the features of their site.

  • F Rating At BBB

Better Business Bureau shortly known as BBB is a trusted company which reviews other business and online companies. According to BBB, they haven’t even responded to customer complaints and an F rating is given to Writers Work which is the worst rating as per BBB grading.

  • No About Page

Even a small company will have an “about page” on its website but Writers Work which claims it has more users doesn’t even have the founder name or the address of their company mentioned on their website.

Most of the scamming websites hide their location and identity which raises suspicious doubts about Writers Work.

  • No Refund for Add ons(Premium courses)

They didn’t mention this on their site very explicitly. So many of us will think that we’ll get our money back for any Add ons bought within the site like the Premium courses.

But they don’t give refunds for additional things bought except the membership fee.

  • Lots of Negative Reviews over the Internet

Writers Work has a lot of bad reviews over the internet and Social media. Most of the Reviews are about the 30-day money-back and the realization of the misleading marketing of Writers work affiliates, after paying for the account.

  • Expired Job postings

Another thing I witnessed in this site is the Expired and out of date job postings listed in the job section.

Now I realize why many online peers have rated this site badly.

The main thing about this site is that they list jobs but some of the jobs are expired which I dislike the most.

Can Beginners start their Freelance Writer Career in Writers Work?

Though they provide training to fresh freelance Writers, these training are not enough to help you do freelance writing. A beginner needs real exposure in addition to the training. The jobs in Writers Work seems to work for intermediate and expert writers.

If you’re a beginner you can work your way up in Writers Work, but I don’t suggest it as most of the jobs require the resume, skillsets and Professional Experience.

If you’re confident that you’re a good writer then dive right in.

Is Writers Work worth it?

The features and tools they offer, I can’t deny the fact that they are useful. The job listing from various sites seems to be useful though some job listings are expired, most of them are still fresh. Also, they keep updating the job listings regularly which is a good thing.

So, is Writers Work worth the membership fee?

This question depends on the type of person. For example,

If you’re a person who is tired of searching for writing jobs online or If you need the Writing tools, features and to stay organized then, Writers Work is worth it for you.

But if you are a person who searches the internet for writing jobs but wants to join writers work only for their job postings and not their the tools and features that they offer, then Writers Work is not worth it for you.

If you’re choosing to join Writers Work, then choose the One-time subscription plan because the monthly plan is not worth the cost.

In the end, it’s all your personal choice. If you like their site, then go for it.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a writer’s work?

Writers work is an online app and service for freelance writers, who are looking for freelancing writing jobs to work from home.
The website list jobs from different sites such as Problogger, Craiglist, Mediabistro, etc at one job dashboard of their website.

Is the writer’s work legitimate?

Yes, writer’s work seems legitimate and it doesn’t appear to be a scam. Their website interface is quite professional. Whether the service it’s worth it or not? It depends on your goals, budget and your career plans.

Do you have to pay for writer’s work?

Yes, the writer’s work is not free. You will have to pay if you want to use their services.
They have two plans on their website. One is $47 for a lifetime membership and another is $15 per month plan. You can choose between two according to your needs and budget.

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