Aoledirect ( Review – Is it a Scam or Legit? scam

Welcome to my review.

If you go to, the site gets redirected to

When you look to make money online, you come across sites such as which promises you to make money from home.

But can you make money from Aoledirect?

Is it legit? Or another scam website?

In this article, I will review the below points and we will look into:

  • What is Aoledirect?
  • Is Aoledirect jobs a scam?
  • How does Aoledirect work from home jobs work?
  • What do I like about Aoledirect?
  • What I don’t like?
  • What are the next steps?

What is Aoledirect( was registered on 2018-10-23

Aoledirect whois

It’s nearly two years old site, but is it legit? Nobody wants to get into something where they get scammed or their time is wasted.

So you are here to know whether you should get involved with the site or not. Below we will look into it in more depth.

The site asks you to fill some pre-screening questions, but does any of it make any sense? Let’s look more into it.

Is Aoledirect Jobs a Scam?

Let’s look into the problematic area of the websites, to come to some decision.

Aoledirect SSL

Red Flag #1 – The site has No SSL Certificate. As you can see in the browser, it shows the website is not secure. SSL certificate is a trusted certificate for a website, which is missing here.

Red Flag#2 – No About us page. The site owner is completely anonymous and there is no information about the owner or the company. There is no social media page nor any valid address to look for.

Red Flag #3 – Useless Pre-screening questions.

You would see some questions like how did you hear about us, Are you at least 18 years of age, Do you own a computer or SmartPhone, How do you wish to be paid and so on.

These questions are just dummy questions to make things look real.

I will explain it, why so?

Even If I didn’t choose any question choices and went ahead and clicked on the button which says “Click here to go to # Step 2” it took me to the second page of the website.

The website just doesn’t care about what you are answering the questions.

For instance, the last questions ask us about are you ready to get started now? If you click on “No I’m not” choice as the answer, still the page goes through the second page which is # step2 according to the website.

To conclude these questions are just to make the site and jobs a legit one.

Red Flag#4 – Video talks about joining a site where you have to take a survey from the website called “Life points”.

So, the site is not providing you with any job as they say.

So, it’s very misleading marketing from them.

In this video, you will be pushed to join the website and complete surveys to earn money.

The site is just directing you to a survey site, where if you join them they might get a commission from it. This is called affiliate marketing.

I am not saying affiliate marketing is a scam, I do it myself but in this case, it’s misleading and it’s not declared with a disclaimer.

Also, when I went to the Youtube channel, the video is listed under the channel named called “OnlineFlexJob”.

So, you can see here the site is operating under multiple domain names, which we will get more in-depth below.

Red Flag #5 – Multiple domain names.

As said above the site is operating under various domains, where is one of them. Onlineflexjob also seems to be part of this website as we saw on their Youtube page.

There are a lot of similar domains booked and running the same system.

Red Flag #6 – Step 2 of the website which you can click at the bottom of the page.

You will be taken to the page with another video demonstrating how to register with survey sites.

Plus in the form of a bonus, 8 more survey sites are displayed to register with.

These are NOT real jobs. Also, at the bottom of the page, you would see a button “Click here to access the member/training area”

You would be asked to fill in your name and e-mail address to get access to the training videos. The videos are useless of not of any value.

With all these flags, I would say from my research Aoledirect is a scam. It’s a misleading site that promises jobs but instead all you get asked is to join some Survey and GPT sites.

How does Aoledirect Work?

Aoledirect works in the form of affiliate marketing.

It means if you join survey sites as mentioned on their website through their links they will earn a commission.

It’s not wrong to earn money this way, but the website has no disclaimer about it.

Instead, it advertises itself of providing you with real online jobs that can earn you a high income from home.

This is not true with this website and so I have called it a scam.

If you will look at training videos they all teach you is how to join survey sites and nothing about how to get a real online job.

What I like

I like nothing about this site.

I see it as a complete waste of time.

 If you would like to earn extra money from surveys you can try some sites like Survey Junkie and Swagbucks.

What I don’t like

  • Fake Job listings: One of the ads I found on the internet is advertisements about data entry clerk jobs.
Aoledirect job listing

In reality, there are no data entry jobs provided by the websites.

The ad says you will be paid an hourly rate of $15 +commission.

In reality, you won’t get such rates.

It’s a completely misleading ad and deceptive.

  • Low-income survey sites like Life points:

If you go on the first page of the website, the video asks you to register with Life Points.

If you register with Life points and complete surveys, you won’t be earning the amount of money as advertised by the website.

You can check some reviews on the SurveyPolice website about Life points.

Also, Life points compensate in the form of gift cards.

You won’t be able to make any real cash with the website.

If you go to the main page of the website, you will see you are asked to choose an option for how you wish to get paid?

The options are Company check via mail or direct deposit?

But unfortunately, if you complete surveys with Life points you won’t get paid with either of these options.

  • No information about website owners – The site has no about us page nor a proper contact form.

Also, the website founder is completely anonymous to the public.

So, if you lose any money on the website, it would be difficult for you to get recovered.

What’s next

If you are looking for legitimate online jobs to work from home, you can look at legit job boards such as FlexJobs.

If you are looking to do surveys to make money, you can look at some better survey sites such as Survey Junkie and Swagbucks.

Do you any experience with such websites?

If so, do share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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