10+ Best Apps that Pay You to Play Games (Earn PayPal Money, Gift Cards & more)

apps that pay you to play games

Apps that Pay You to Play Games

Are you looking to earn money playing games?

Playing games can be fun too and earn you extra side income in your spare time.

Here I have researched for you 10+ best apps that pay you to play games.

You can get paid to play games on android as well as iPhone(ios).

Bonus, here you will also get to know even some websites where you can play online for free to win money.

13+ Best Apps to Earn Money Playing Games


FeaturePoints is a mobile app that pays rewards for various tasks you perform online. They claim to have distributed over $5,800,000 since 2012 to their users.

To get started with FeaturePoints download the app for your Android or iOS device and create your account by providing some of your basic details, like E-mail, age, country, etc. You must be at least 13 years old for creating your account on FeaturePoints.

Now, you’re all set to earn from FeaturePoints. If you’re a gamer, you can download various games recommended by FeaturePoints on your device. Play these games and reach a specific level to earn exciting rewards.

Every 600 points will fetch you $1, and you can cash out via PayPal for every $3 you earn.

Payment in FeaturePoints: Gift Cards, PayPal money, and Bitcoin.


Swagbucks is again a free mobile app that pays you money for performing various tasks online like watching videos and playing games. Each point you earn in SwagBucks is called ‘Swag Buck’ or SB in short.

To get started, simply download the Swagbucks app for your device and create your account. There’s also a separate cashback available for Swagbucks to try out at your favorite store.

You can enjoy various kinds of puzzle and action-adventure games available on Swagbucks, along with earning SB points through it.

For every 2,500 SB, you earn $25, which you can cash-out via PayPal.

Payment: PayPal and Gift Cards.


CashPirate is an Android app that gives you rewards for various tasks you perform on the app.

To get started, just download the app from the Play Store and create your free account on the app. There are various ways you can earn rewards such as:

  • Downloading recommended apps
  • Playing free games
  • Inviting friends
  • Watching videos
  • Trying free products, etc.

Every 1,000 coins you earn in CashPirate will fetch you $1, and you can request for PayPal payout once you have 2500 coins.

You can also request for Gift Cards after earning the required number of coins. The app has a good rating of 4.4 on the Play Store, so it’s worth a try.

Payment option: Gift Cards, PayPal Cash, and Mobile Recharge


GiftPanda is again a mobile app that rewards you with points if you complete some offers recommended by the app. GiftPanda claims to have distributed around $1,500,000 to its members so far.

Just download the app for your Android or iOS device and create your free account on the app. You can earn points by trying out various types of games that are available and by downloading the apps shown on the GiftPanda app. Furthermore, you could also complete some surveys and pass around referrals to your friends for earning points.

Every 2500 points you earn will provide you with $2.50 worth of PayPal cash.

Payment:  PayPal and Gift Cards.


CashOut is also a great app that gives you rewards with a bunch of taps and clicks on the offers shown on the app. The app has a solid rating of 4.7 on the Play Store.

Simply download the app from the Play Store, and create your account by providing some of your basic details.

To earn using the CashOut app you can do various kinds of tasks like playing games, completing surveys, referring to your friends, etc. Furthermore, if you’re a gamer and looking to buy some Playstation or Xbox gift cards, then this is a great app for you.

Every 4000 coins you earn from the app will fetch you a $4 worth of PayPal cash (which is also the threshold value for making a payout).

Payment: PayPal cash and Gift Cards.


Do you like solving math problems and puzzles in your spare time? If yes, then Brain Battle is just the app for you to download. Brain Battle offers you various kinds of relaxing puzzle games that you can enjoy, and at the same time earn some rewards.

The app can be downloaded for both Android and iOS devices and has a size of only 51 MB.

To get started simply download the app and create your free account on the app. Now you can start playing various kinds of games to exercise your brain and earn some points.

Every 10,000 tokens on the app will give you 10 cents, and you can earn around four thousand in every four minutes. This may not be a huge amount, but it’s a great way to earn while playing games.

Payment: PayPal

HQ- Trivia & Words

HQ Trivia is a mobile app that allows users to play a trivia quiz game to earn cash rewards. The game in HQ trivia is hosted by Scott Rogowsky and sometimes by Sharon Carpenter. You can play this game live on weekends.

The game in HQ trivia consists of twelve MCQ type trivia questions, each of which are required to be answered within 10 seconds. You can earn up to $15,000 as a grand prize while playing the HQ trivia game.

Furthermore, there’s no threshold limit to payout via PayPal; hence, even if you don’t get your hands on the jackpot, you can still earn some reasonable amount (say $20 to $100).

The app takes a space of 154.6 MB on your device and is available for both Android and iOS users.

Payment: PayPal cash.

Make Money – Free Cash App

Make Money app allows you to earn cash rewards by performing various tasks on the app. The app has a rating of 4.7 on the Play Store.

To get started with Make Money app simply download it from the Play Store. You’ll be given 30 credits as a welcome gift during your first sign-up.

There are various tasks you can complete on the app to earn credit points, but mostly you’ll find apps to download. If you download an app for a game, you’ll need to reach a certain level to earn your credit points.

In a week, you can earn around 10,000 points easily, which can fetch you $10 worth of PayPal cash. This might not be a lot, but it’s free money you’re getting in a week.

Payment: PayPal


MyPoints is an online panel that offers you cash rewards for completing various surveys and playing games. It is very popular among users, who are consistently using survey apps for making some extra money.

You can complete various offers and play exciting games on MyPoints to earn points. The points earned can be redeemed to earn PayPal cash.

For every 3,970 points you earn in MyPoints, you earn $25 worth of PayPal payment. On average, you can make $1.01/hour if you’re consistent enough.

To redeem your PayPal reward, first, make sure to have a verified PayPal account with the name and E-Mail address matching with your MyPoints account. Verification of your PayPal account is done via linking your bank account, with your PayPal account.

Having trouble verifying your PayPal account? Worry not! Visit the PayPal website for getting support.

Payment: PayPal, Gift Cards and Mileage on United MileagePlus.

Coin Pop

Coin Pop offers you cash rewards for playing games available in the app. It has a Play Store rating of 4.0 and is completely free to download.

Apart from playing the available games in the app, you can also refer it to a friend to earn instant 250 coins.

However, the app is available only in first world countries, so make sure that you reside in the countries mentioned by the app.

There are various games available to download, with each game requiring you to complete a certain task to earn points. Furthermore, you can earn 4,444 coins as a sign-up bonus.

Every 4,994 coins you earn in Coin Pop will yield you 50 cents, and the best thing about this app is that it has no threshold limit.

Payment: PayPal, Gift Cards and Vouchers.

Point Club

Point Club is again a survey app that rewards you with cash for completing online surveys and playing games. You can earn an instant $5 bonus, just by signing-up for the first time.

To get started with Point Club, simply download their app on your device and create your free account. You’ll be needed to fill out your basic information like age, gender, E-Mail, etc. Based on these details the app will offer you the games and surveys to complete.

However, it may be difficult to qualify for a survey sometimes, so you’ll need to wait for the survey suitable for you.

Play the games you like by downloading them on your device and you can earn points for cashing out via PayPal.

Various cashouts are available ranging from $10 to $100.

Payment: PayPal and Gift Cards.


Toluna is a survey panel, where you are paid for doing online surveys and doing various other activities on the app like playing games.

As for games, there’s a daily game in the app called the Toluna wheel. Spin the wheel and you get a chance to earn lots of points. Furthermore, you can play various other games that are available on the app.

Apart from getting money from PayPal, you can invest your earned points on Toluna’s monthly lottery to earn a grand amount.

The payout threshold ranges from $7 to $10 in the Toluna app, and every 3000 points will fetch you $1. You might think that 3000 points are very difficult to get, but on average, you can earn 4000 points just by spending 10 to 15 minutes on surveys.

Payment: PayPal and Vouchers.

Swagbucks- Live

Swagbucks – Live is an online trivia game app, where you earn SB points (Swag Buck points) by answering the questions.

Swagbucks- Live is a part of Swagbucks, so it is important to create your account on Swagbucks first to redeem your SB points. Even though you answer a jackpot question of say $500, the amount would still be transferred to you in points. These points are needed to be redeemed on the Swagbucks app, so no Swagbucks means no Swagbucks- Live.

To use SwagBucks- Live, you must be 13 years or older and must reside in the US, Germany, Australia, UK, Canada, India or Ireland.

The live games telecast differently on your devices, depending upon your time-zones.

Payment: PayPal and Gift Cards.

Websites to Earn Real Money Playing Games


QuickRewards is GPT, or Get-Paid-To site which offers you points for doing various activities such as playing games and taking surveys. The site is quite old and has been around since 2002.

To join QuickRewards, you must be 18 years or older and must reside in the US or Canada. You’ll also need a valid E-Mail account, for receiving an activation link for your account.

If you want to earn points playing games, just head to the Game Portal on the QuickRewards website. Here, you’ll find lots of games ranging from card games to arcade games. Games are there only to aid you in completing your daily tasks, so they pay you indirectly (Meaning, you have to stick to surveys more).

Every 100 points you earn in QuickRewards will fetch you $0.01.

Payment: PayPal and Gift Cards.


Do you enjoy playing mobile and browser games in your spare time? Well, guess what, you can now earn some extra cash while doing so.

Playtestcloud is a kind of service available for video game developers to get user feedback. You act as a game tester, and your job is to download and play games. But how do you provide your feedback?

Well, Playtestcloud records your screen and voice so that you can give your feedback in real-time.

To get started simply create your account on Playtestcloud and wait for an E-Mail to arrive. This mail is going to be an invitation for you to test out a game. On average, you need to spend around 15 minutes of your time to test a game.

Most tests pay you up to $9, but it may vary from game to game. All payments are processed via PayPal three times per week.

Payment: PayPal


Thanks for reading! I hope this round-up post on the best apps that pay to play games is useful to you and you make an extra side income.

For more opportunities, you can also look at the best paying apps for the android post.

Have you tried any of the apps before? Do share in the comments section below.

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