18 Best Sites Like Amazon MTurk That Pay More! (in 2020)

Sites like MTurk

Are you looking for sites like MTurk?

There are great alternatives to Amazon Mechanical Turk that can pay you more.

These sites are basically microtask sites, that is they provide you with a short task which is relatively quick and easy to do.

Let’s dive into it.

What Is MTurk?

MTurk is a short-form for Amazon Mechanical Turk. It’s one of the best crowdsourcing marketplaces.

You can do here small micro-tasks which can earn you a decent side income. It’s a legitimate and most trusted website on the internet.

18+ Top CrowdSourcing Sites (Best MTurk Alternative Sites)


Click worker is a crowdsourcing company based in Germany which was established in 2005. It is a website that offers thousands of micro-jobs to people globally. There are over 1.8 million international click workers.

It is a platform where companies post a considerable amount of tasks and ideal money for it. You can choose a task based on your interests and skill.

They have a minimal amount of tasks like copywriting, data entry, proofreading, survey, translation, etc. Before choosing a task, you have to qualify in the task-related assessment.

 Your money will accumulate as you work and you can withdraw it once in a week or month from Paypal. Once you setup an account you can either request for a task or you can choose one on your own.

Here’s how you will get paid:

Copywriting you will be paid from 1.3 cents to 7 cents per word, Translation of text you will be paid from 10 to 16 cents per word. This range of money will depend on the quality of the work you provide.


In my opinion, Fiverr is a great forum and it benefits both the buyer and the seller. Fiverr recognizes newly sprouted talents and helps the buyer to keep track of their activity.

It is easy to find a professional freelancer on this website by checking their seller level i.e. their ratings and it saves time by filtering genius from amateurs.

Unlike click worker, Fiverr provides a wide range of gigs and you don’t have to clear any assessment for this. It gives you the privilege of coming up with the talent that you possess and create a demand for your knack.

You can price the service you provide ranging from $5 – $995!

As a buyer, if you approve the work you can purchase the service or if the service does not satisfy your requirements you can ask them to redo the work or drop the order.

Some already existing gigs are

  • Video and animation services
  • Social media marketing
  • Articles and blog posting services
  • Resume writing services
  • Singing services

You can work on a daily or hourly basis depending on the task that you choose. You don’t need any extra qualifications apart from your extraordinary skills.


Microworkers was established in 2013. It is easy to handle websites with a simple task and detailed instructions.

You can simply visit the website and register yourself, you will encounter a set of a lucid task which you can start working right away. An individual can sign up for more than one task.

They have quite a few mini-tasks and it doesn’t take a long time to finish it. Here are some of the jobs that Microworkers offer

  • Video Transcription
  • Content Moderation
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Image Transcription

Microworkers have an average BBB rating and they don’t seem to pay much. However, there are several payment methods available.


It is a designing company that predominantly gets a logo designed. Designhill hires freelancers who are equipped with exceptional capabilities in graphic design. There are over one lakh independent designers and artists.

So if you are a graphic designer with excellent research knowledge, creativity and drawing skills with a foundation degree you can quickly apply here.

They provide services like

  • T-Shirt Printing
  • Custom Clothing
  • Business Cards
  • Brochure Design
  • Website Design

The buyer can choose an existing plan and check the pricing for the logo designs or they can work on a one to one design project with the worker where they have to pay a 5% fixed commission to the website.

Designhill aids the buyer by conducting contests where 20 plus designers will work on to satisfy the requirements of the buyer if not they offer a 100 percent money-back guarantee.


Figure-Eight once called Crowdflower is a website that functions with the motto of turning machine-like humans rather than we becoming more like machines.

When you sign up into this really attractive website, you will pick a few tasks like drawing boxes, listening to the audio, reading a tweet and emote. Basically, figure-eight wants you to add a touch of *human* to the machine.

The task keeps changing and gets updated to a new engrossing task every day.

Since they offer uncomplicated tasks without restrictions, they do not consume a long span of time. Figure-eight is an extremely user-friendly platform with an easy login process. You can make a nominal amount of money by the completion of the task.

It is possible to get high paying tasks if you invest more time and energy and become a skilled contributor.


OneSpace is a website which offers a pool of task for freelancers to make best deals out of it. Onespace is a legit platform, which won’t let you down.

It is a one-stop-shop for business people to find the best freelancers to carry out small tasks that they don’t have time to do.

The task offered in Onespace can be done by everyone including college students, housewives, part-time workers, etc.

Onespace has the following positions as

  • Image and Graphic Designer
  • English and International Transcriptionist
  • Small Business and Accounting Writer
  • Small Business and Accounting Editor

You can logon to the website and choose a task or two and start working on it. You must link your bank with a PayPal account and you are all set to earn a pile of money.


There is plenty of work from home jobs available online, which can give you a nice decent pay to your work. But there are scams equally. You have to pick a reliable source to get a job of your interest.

The smart crowd is one such website that operates around the world and it truly is a savior for college students. They offer flexible timings and target-free assignments.

If you are a person who’d like to utilize your spare time constructively, you will definitely end up using the smart crowd website.

As it creates an opportunity for the freelancers it also helps the clients to take their business to the next level.

Though they specialize in providing translation services, they are also open to other chores like data entry which will take only a few minutes to hours of your time.


If you are a newbie without freelancing experience then I suggest you start with rapid workers. The amount of work is limited and consistent, there are very simple tasks like following a YouTube channel, creating a Gmail account and uploading pictures.

The posting, its requirements, and income are available on the website where you will be provided with a brief description along with a sample task.

This is a digital marketing company that strives to achieve a win-win situation for employers and workers.

Apart from a few pros like faster payments, stronger support and pretty good customer reviews, which is highly appreciated, Rapidworkers have the same functions as other crowdsourcing websites.

You may find their amount a little insufficient but surely you will do a task which is worth that penny they give.


As the name indicates this website is used to test software and test designing. A tester will ensure the quality of an application or software. This website is available solely for software testers.

uTest is actively looking for testers from all over the world.

Just like other websites you can choose a task and work on your flexible time. Before that, you will take up a survey to check your eligibility.

uTest is a good head start for interns to gain experience and get exposure to different organizations. Since uTest is a community of testers they have an opportunity to work together to bring a wonderful output.

You can work part-time or work for gaining experience otherwise the amount you earn is really not going to fill your pocket.


Swagbucks is the best crowdsourcing website that offers gift cards and discounts in place of money.

It’s the same type of task which requires the same amount of time just like other website but you get paid in points which you can use for purchase from your favorite retailers like Amazon and Walmart or get a cashback from PayPal.

You can earn these points by filling out surveys, or signing up websites, inviting your friends, and so on. In terms of profit, the gift cards will benefit you a few cents.

Swagbucks is a popular survey-taking website, hence if you are qualified you will be looped into back to back surveys. Though the survey may appear to be a non- challenging task, it will consume a great time.


Many crowdsourcing websites like Inboxdollars will pay you up to $5 for just signing up.  Taking up a survey every day after that you can earn $1 per day.

There are also other options like scratch and win the lottery when you are disqualified to do other tasks.

Download new apps and give them your location to earn a few dollars.

In essence just as the name indicates, you will earn dollars for any trivial task that you do.

In contrast to Swagbucks this website gives out cash instead of points, nevertheless, you can withdraw the money only when it collects up to $30 which is annoying.

As a word of caution, I request you to open a new email account to use for this website as you will be bombarded with notifications.


Customer or user satisfaction is important in any business in order to find the flaws, reduce error and produce a mistake-free product. In order to measure the customer contentment, user testing website is used.

If you are a tester you can take up a sample test and get approved by the team to qualify as a worker in user testing.

Based on your skill and demographic details you will be allotted a task, if your performance is up to the mark they will pay you more.

Generally, you will be paid an average amount of $10 per test. Apart from being a tester, there are certain pre-requisites that can make you a solid website tester.

Giving immediate feedback, a good understanding of business, ability to think and express thoughts articulately and strong programming knowledge.


Fancy hands use a fancy technique like a virtual assistant to help their clients. A virtual assistant is a freelancer who assists the client from home with access to the internet.

The clients can make two types of request to their assistants namely

A standard request (text or mail) and

A live request (video or phone call)

If you are responsive and great in research you are all set to become a virtual assistant.

The type of work you do will vary according to the client’s needs and your expertise. Tasks like booking tickets or rooms, setting appointments, etc. You will get paid for the number of hours you are in a call and based on the number of clients you assist. Each call goes for 20 minutes and you can make $3 to $7 approx.


It is a mobile marketplace for the service of clients. A professional worker who is willing to take up jobs like assembling a table, cleaning rooms or toilets, plumbing, help to move in and move out.

Open an account, fill in your demographic details and wait for the clients to post their work. A list of projects will be put up on the website which you can see as you open it, pick one that you excel in. You can approach them personally complete the project and get paid around $150 per task and up to $2000 a week for your work.

For the rescue of the clients from doing such tedious do it yourself jobs, you can always rely on these super-skilled workers with pretty good reviews. If you feel your workers are exceptionally good at his work, you can save him for future help.


Gigwalk is an application which is a good alternative to Taskrabbit. Gigwalkers are the freelancers who register in the app and match with the clients who need help in their locality through GPS, execute their work and be evaluated.

Fortunately, in Gigwalkers you do not have time pressure and you can work on your schedule and get paid in a week.

The amount will start from $5 per task and payment will be made through PayPal.

The gigs that are available are

Answering survey questions,

Providing feedback to products or company,

Visiting a nearby store to take pictures.

The Gigwalker app is available for android and IOS as well. You just have to turn on your location when you are at a store taking pictures.

Your performance score will increase as you are consistently doing high-quality work and you will be provided with high paying gigs.


Scribie is a video and audio files converting into text website, as a transcriber, you must be very good in English. You will be given an audio file that you have to listen carefully and modify into text for which you should be able to type faster.

You can start earning by just submitting your application and taking up an online test, if you meet the requirements you will get a transcription certificate and you are good to go.

The files that you transcribe will go through a three-step process, review -proofreading- quality check. You will be paid on an hourly basis with $0.10 per minute.

The clients have claimed to have received the output with 100% accuracy and quality.

With Scribie you don’t have to wait to reach your withdrawal limit you can collect your cash anytime through PayPal.


Skyword is one of the popular content writing websites, it’s known not only for writing but also for videography, photography, graphic designer and marketing.

You can sign up for free on this website and check your dashboard for updates. You will be selected in a program based on your skillset. The topics or programs that you are chosen for are not going to be consistent as they change according to recent trends.

You will be paid on an average from $10 to $30 per article. After the completion of your work, the article will be directed to the editorial team for proofreading.

Your work may take a long time to process. On a positive note, you will have holidays and closures from time to time. Skyword act as a bridge between the market and the customers.


Rev is a website that provides micro-works just like Clickworkers. This company hires contributors to work from home who like to break out from the regular 9 to 5 jobs. They have openings for positions like engineers, accountants, marketing and product manager and business development administrator, and the contributors are free to choose one among them.

As a transcriptionist, you will earn $0.24 to $0.90 per minute and as a captioner, you will earn anywhere between $0.45 to $0.75 per minute.

You have to simply meet the requirements for transcriptionist or captioner to begin your work. The assessment will be easy in nature and anyone with little computer skills can easily take over the gigs.

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