AOJ Online Jobs Review – Is American Online Jobs a SCAM?

AOJ online jobs review

Welcome to my AOJ Online Jobs Review.

Are you looking to make money online?

So, you would have come across American Online Jobs.

But is AOJ legit or scam? Let’s find out more about it.

In this review, I am going to explain below topics:

  • What is AOJ (American Online Jobs)?
  • Is AOJ Online Jobs a Scam?
  • How Does AOJ Work From Home Jobs Work?
  • Who created Aoj?
  • Members area Traning modules
  • Application process
  • Can you make money with AOJ?
  • Pros
  • Cons

What is AOJ (American Online Jobs)?

American online jobs

American online jobs is a portal which provides the chance to work from home. If you are struggling to make money online, then you should have come across this portal.

Unlike other sites, which provide online jobs, AOJ is an employment opportunity site that gains from recommending you to other portals. 

AOJ was founded in February 2018 and is the base station for other small sites like


AOJ and its clone sites function in the same process just like other websites and hence it is better to read the reviews and know what you are getting into before registering yourself.

In this website, they will simply advocate you to do some small gigs or subscribe to some sites for which they will get paid. You will have to do marketing and convince the customers to buy products and grab a lead for the company.

If you had heard about affiliate marketing, then that is what is being followed here on this website. AOJ will earn a referral bonus whenever you sign into their recommended website.

From my understanding, AOJ is seen as one of the low paying and crappy sites which also gives the same routine works to you (recommending and affiliate marketing).

Apart from sharing the training videos with others and promoting the website, you cannot expect to have any other work from this site. As there is no learning, no growth, and personal development from this website.

Though they claim to provide interesting jobs with nice pay, in reality, they are running out of work. Understand that you are signing up in AOJ to upgrade their recommended sites and not for any other work.

Is AOJ Online Jobs a Scam?

There are a couple of things that should be noted before I start to say if it is a scam or not. There has been a lot of accusations and complaints about AOJ but it is not a complete scam though, at least not as long as they ask you to pay to register.

They seem to post many job advertisements on their site which are fake half of the time. When you read through the reviews you may find people saying it pays less and there are no sure or stable jobs provided by AOJ.

There are many red flags indicated around which has to be deciphered rightly to comprehend it, for example, there are no clear details about the person who owns this site.

This website only offers survey questions and by completing it you would earn a few dollars, it does nothing other than that. There are some serious accusations and complaints about AOJ due to this.

There is no home page where they describe the company, the first thing that you can see as soon as you open is the pre-screening questions page, which is a blunder they have committed.

Remember this as a waste of time as they are just misleading you to promote some websites and you would also be tempted to buy some anti-virus software to do more surveys and earn more money.

In general, they do not deliver any promises made by them hence I will not recommend this website.

How Does AOJ Work From Home Jobs Work?

There are thousands of work from home job opportunities available on the internet which will pay you in dollars. When narrowed down to American Online Jobs, it turns out that it has many branches that may be legitimate but is a waste of time.

The money you will earn from this site is completely not worth it and there is no learning, personal growth, or development from this offer.

They claim to offer money for every survey you do which itself is a scam and it will take a long time to process the survey.

They will provide you a list of sites and ask you to take up a survey provided by them.

The sites like

  • LifePoints
  • Inbox Dollars
  • Toluna
  • My Survey
  • Opinion Outpost
  • Survey Voices
  • Opinion City
  • E-Poll
  • Pinecone Research

These are the sites that are looking for referral agents. After signing up and completing these surveys and recommending a lead for the sites you will be given a free website. To gain access, you have to begin the training they have on their website, which will be discussed later.

To make it look genuine they post job descriptions for some jobs like data entry and customer service and for jobs that do not exist.

Their website does not have any details regarding them like their contact details, FAQ’s or even about the owner which will be seen in the next section.

It is important for websites like AOJ, to give honest particulars about them, one of the main reasons why this is seen as a fraudulent site.

They do not serve any brands or company and they are fully associated with promoting other sites.

Who created AOJ?

AOJ is said to be created by Brenda and a few of her colleagues and there is no other information on this. The owner of this site is not disclosed and it is assumed to be Brenda as the training videos you see are done by them.

Furthermore, there are no details on the AOJ website as well.

This could be a red flag as they are not willing to reveal their details or they are just maintaining it anonymously for privacy reasons.

Due to the invisibility, any complaints or queries are not attended properly by the workers or developers of this site. Moreover, AOJ does not provide the job and it just directs you to another website that has legit owners. This can also be the reason for them to hide inside and play safe.

AOJ may just be a cheating site who attracts vulnerable people like students, housewife or elder people to get their jobs done. The owners of the company become anonymous for several reasons and hence they have nominees to represent them.

The owners are probably earning loads of money by just tricking the visitors to click the ads. And as a worker, we get paid in peanuts.

Members area Training modules

In continuation of the training that I spoke about in the previous part, one good thing about AOJ is the training modules they provide. There are eight to ten videos or lessons that explain how to set up affiliate marketing.

So, to view the videos you must first sign in with your name and email-id.

  • Lesson #1: After inputting the details you will start with the first video which is the orientation video where they briefly explain how other videos will go on and also about marketing.
  • Lesson #2: In lesson 2, it shows how to post ads on Facebook, invite people to complete the survey and start a business on this platform.

But to post ads on Facebook you have to pay money from your pocket.

  • Lesson #3 is a video that tells to do referral marketing and post job opportunities on Craigslist which is also not free.
  • Lesson #4 video talks about referral marketing and CPA marketing. You will be paid if you find some leads in this stage.
  • Lesson #5 helps in teaching to gain more leads from YouTube. Just like Facebook and Craigslist ads you have to spend a few dollars for posting ads on YouTube as well.
  • Lesson #6 is based on marketing on Instagram. This page doesn’t contain a video but it has a few line description and a link to an article which takes you to another website. This will help you to earn money through Instagram.
  • Lesson #7 is even worse than the sixth page. They talk about marketing on Pinterest and share a link to someone’s blog. So along with the link to the blog, they also have a free link to the Survey Junkie website and demonstrates how to make money from Pinterest.
  • Lesson #8 shows an introduction to GetResponse email software. You will be provided with a link at the end of the page and you can try it for free for a month, after which you have to pay $15 per month.
  • Lesson #9 tells you how to create an affiliate marketing website on your own and get connected with AOJ for free and provide a job for others. After application, it will take 1-2 days for them to contact you and to get you registered.
  • Lesson #10 is a short video and it just gives information about promoting American Online Jobs.

Application process

The weird pre-screening test has allowed us to answer for one question only out of the 6 questions they provide.

After completing the pre-screening test (in which you would be asked few personal questions like your age, your payment details, so on to know about you) you will go on to the next step that is you should click on the ‘apply now’ option.

So it is easy sign-in access, after entering into it you will find a few advertisements which tell about companies looking for referral agents and simple surveys.

You will find ads which mention the following jobs, but all of that is fake

  • Product reviewers
  • Data Entry & Typing
  • Email and Chat customer service (work from home)
  • Customer service
  • Call center work

As a first step you sign in and then join Swagbucks which is a third party website, you can make a few pennies out of it and this site is similar to other local job search websites.

In the second step, you will be asked to sign up to join the online flex jobs for taking up more surveys and promote the sites on your social media platforms to have people join under you.

AOJ Online Jobs Review Bonus Accounts

You will finally go to the member’s area to find some training videos. You can find 9 videos on how to build the referral website and do promotions on your own. These training videos are pretty beneficial but you will end up on the survey page again in no time.

AOJ acts as a bridge to other job search websites to mislead and convince you to work for another website without you knowing.

Can you make money with AOJ?

There are no reviews about AOJ in Glassdoor or indeed. Moreover, it is not accepted by BBB ratings.

There are only two ways to earn money in AOJ and the money you make won’t suffice to supply your needs. It is nothing but ordinary.

The two ways of making money are survey and promotion of websites.


You will be asked to join various sites like Online Flex Jobs for doing surveys.

A survey is a list of questions about your personal details, your likings and dislikes towards some brands or services, which will be improvised based on your responses.

You will get paid for every survey you complete. But to enter into certain sites you have to gain access by giving your credit card details which is again a problem because you don’t know how much they will deduct from your account and how much you will be paid for those surveys.

Promotion of sites

Affiliate marketing or referral marketing is a technique where you promote or create awareness for some products and services to earn money.

As a responsible user, you can promote the website and earn through referral. The sites will ask you to post ads about them on your social media platforms and as they click on the link, points will be added to your account.

In essence, you have to find leads for them for which you will be paid. The amount paid will depend on the individual websites and it is not predetermined.

To excel in this you have to take up the free tutorial classes which will be available on the site.

I suggest you, to take a survey from any other legit websites that pays you a little more amount than AOJ does.


At last, I would like to mention some good qualities that American Online Jobs possess. Although there is nothing big worth mentioning, here are a few minute details that I don’t think other sites provide.

It is easy to enter the AOJ website and does not have huge formalities or registration fees like other websites instruct before proceeding.

They have simple pre-screening questions and do not have a test or hard exams to crack to get work.

This site acts as a bridge to enter into other popular websites and you have the opportunity to know the other sites which offer online survey jobs.

You don’t have to make external contact or communicate with anyone outside. All you have to do is fill some forms and refer them to others.

There are no machine learnings or dealing with equipment other than your laptops and basic internet skill.

The training videos, on affiliate marketing, created by Brenda and co are handy and helpful to beginners whereas others can use it as a manual or guide on how to take it further.

Well if you want to earn a few bucks by sitting at home and do little uncomplicated works then you can rely on AOJ. You should have a high degree of patience to take up this job.


  • They do not have a website that says about them, their address or contact numbers. When an owner’s details or office addresses are clear and valid, especially for money-making sites like this, it gains trust from people.
  • They do not have a job listing but you can find random ads on social media through which they attract workers. There are a lot of sites which claim to be branches or partners of American Online Jobs so beware of it.
  • They only have two jobs- surveys and referrals or promotions but I don’t know why they put ads and fake promises that they have various kinds of jobs and give detailed descriptions about them.
    Unfortunately, we don’t know for sure if the clients will pay you after your work or how much they pay.
  • You will not make it up to the big amount, they show in the ads. You won’t get what you dreamed of. They have various links through which you can get into other survey sites or GPT (Get Paid To sites)
  • You have to buy an antivirus for $25 to prevent spams and trafficking on your site. You have to buy it, especially when you are new and know nothing about affiliate marketing and you will have hundreds of visitors per day.
  • There will be dozens of sites that will ask for your credit card numbers by misleading and you will lose money unnecessarily if you sign in.
  • The training given is not useful for those who are already in marketing as they are just on the basic level.
  • The ads given are very vague and it does not contain information like accurate salary, details about jobs, or their clients. Only after you click on the link or after you finish the job you will have the point.
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