20 Legit Work From Home Jobs You Can Do Without A Computer

work from home jobs without computer

Are you looking for legit work from home jobs where no computer is needed?

There is a lot of work from home opportunities where you can earn extra income without using the computer.

Most of the jobs you can work from home with no internet needed.

Bonus, at the end of the below article we will also take a look at some of the companies that provide a free computer and other equipment.

20 Legit Work From Home Jobs Without A Computer

Here is a list of best work from home jobs with no computer needed.

Home-Based Lessons

There are many skills that can only be taught and learned in person. If you possess such a skill then you can teach it to other people and earn. More people these days are looking to grow their hobbies into productive activities and you can help them in doing that.

Make sure the skill you choose to teach is in demand so more people sign up from the beginning. But don’t be disappointed if only a few people show up in the beginning, it is through referrals only your circle would grow.

Choose a place which can be convenient for everyone. If you decide to teach at your home make sure you take all the safety measures and also ensure to make the people comfortable.  

Private Tutoring

Private tutoring can be a great means of earning a side income if you have the teaching skills in you and can dedicate time from your daily schedule to students.

You can take in any type of student based on your capabilities and subject expertise. Choose this wisely and then advertise yourself in your local community.

More chances are the people living in your nearby areas would come to you as everyone needs some help with academics. This is the field in which you can exponentially boost your income if the results of your students turn out to be good.

The system works very simply. If you get results, more people would know about you and they would come to you, leading you to earn more.

Pet Care/ Sitting

This job can have many variations and you need to choose the one which suits you best. You can either go to people’s homes to take care of their pets while they are away, people can leave their pets to you to take care of while they are away or you can be employed just for performing few tasks with the pets, such as walking them, feeding them, etc.

You can get employed through referrals, so try to spread the word in the community about your availability or there are many apps that connect you directly to the pet owners and you can negotiate rates before meeting them.

Rover.com is a great platform to get started.

This job is mostly part-time, and you can easily complete your work within a couple of hours. If you want to make it full time you might require some kind of license to set up your nursery.


This job can pay very good for working only for aa few hours. The most important aspect of this job is the trust factor. People need to trust you for you to get employed.

The easiest way to get a job is by referral, so wherever you work to try to leave a good impression so that people turn to you again and also refer you to their friends. There are also listings available on social media websites where people have mentioned their specific requirements and timings.

You can also become someone’s night nurse. There are different variations of a babysitter. Some work at night, some during the day, some at their own house others at the employer’s house. You get a bunch of options to choose from.

Artisan or Crafter

If you are skilled at making great crafts from raw materials that can be used as decoration items you can do this as a side business. If people get interested in your designs you may receive special orders.

If you can paint canvases with good drawings, they can supplement your monthly income. You can make deals with art galleries or you can sell those art pieces on the internet.

The key to succeeding in this business is making your product attractive. When people look at your product they should be left in awe. You won’t become an expert overnight, that process also takes its own time. What you can do is start off with what you can do and grow yourself with time.

Lawn care business

This a fancy name that you can give to yourself if you are into the yardwork business. People these days are so busy with their lives that they cannot spare time to maintain the gardens in front of their houses.

Mostly the work would be trimming grass, bushes, etc. But sometimes you might also be asked to grow new plants, vegetables or fruit. These activities require maintenance for a period of time and can ensure a steady supply of money for a long time.

There are many listings on social media where people give their requirements and you can negotiate decent rates. If your business becomes famous people might come to you directly through referrals and word of mouth. The important thing about this job is that you need to love what you do or else the money will never seem worth the effort.


Mostly the necessary equipment is provided by the employer but it is always good if you can keep the tools at hand.

There are many people who want some help with their gardens or lawns and the work does not need much skill nor does it need much time. You might just have to shape the bushes, trim the grass, etc. which you can finish within hours.

You need not be a pro at gardening but having some knowledge can help you in getting your work done faster and may also help you to get employed quickly. This is mostly a temporary job which can be done on weekends, but there might be some cases where immediate help might be needed and payment might be more. Keep looking for such jobs on social media websites and if you do the work good enough people might refer you to their friends.

Handyman jobs and (repairs)

These jobs are a good way to earn money while doing microwork. You might be asked to do some plumbing work, fixing furniture, etc. People look for help because many times they do not understand the instruction manual.

These jobs can be great side gigs because as you go to the other person’s house, you will also be compensated for your travel expenses. You can find many such gigs on social media listings and you can negotiate rates before doing the work.

TaskRabbit is a cool website to search for jobs required in your neighborhood.

Make sure you take all the safety measures before you go to work. Most of the times the person who you work for will provide the tools but it won’t hurt to carry your own tools for convenience.


This is the best job if you love to drive around. Sometimes there might be some traffic but other times you can enjoy the freeways. There are many food delivery apps that recruit you online. You can choose your own time slot to work at and quit whenever you feel like. There are no restrictions but these employers do provide a special bonus if you complete a certain number of deliveries in a day.

Make sure you go through terms and conditions before you join them. Try to be polite with the restaurant executives and customers for whom you deliver (increases your chances of getting tipped).

Apart from food delivery, you can do other types of deliveries such as Furniture, Electronics, etc. The employment for such a job is done in person and you might be provided with a vehicle on a case to case basis.


This job is mostly for women but men as well can try their luck. Being a nanny for kids means you have to take care of them throughout the day. You have to make sure their routine is followed properly and they are taken care of.

As you would be working full time, you would be provided meals by the employer and also might be asked to cook food sometimes. Trust factor matters a lot in this type of work, so always try to leave a good impression wherever you work. This can help you in getting referred for your future jobs as well.

Try to be comfortable with the kids and your life would be much easier. Employers are usually generous while hiring nannies and this job can definitely help you support your own family.

Sell Baked Goods

Baked goods are in huge demand these days. If you think you can cook delicious items go ahead with this job. The most important thing in this job is understanding what people actually want.

You can make a deal with a local bakery, sell your goods at an open market or sell directly to people in your locality by taking on orders. This job does require a lot of patience and time. You need to take care of the mixing of all the ingredients, which is usually difficult for newbies.

The good thing about this job is that you can operate from your own home. If you are taking on big orders, you can take up a place on rent and sell your goods by branding them. There might also be bulk orders for parties and other events, keep an eye out for them.


This is a great profit-making business but you need to make smart choices while buying stuff. You can acquire goods from clearance sales, from people who are leaving town, etc. Make sure whatever you buy is in good and usable condition and try to maintain bills of the items if you can.

You can wait for some time for the products to get in demand again and sell them off at a margin that can earn you a profit. You can sell those products online or you can set up your own shop at community markets or outside your house. While posting ads for your items on websites try to post multiple photos in good quality, this helps you gain the customer’s confidence.

Don’t buy something you can’t get rid of. Be a hundred percent sure before making a purchase about its value which you can get.

Rent out your space(room)

This trick works all the time throughout the year. If you live at a place where there is a huge influx of tourists, consider yourself lucky and put your room out for rent.

You can either keep the room full time for rent and draft a yearly contract or keep the room open for rent for short stays of people and close off as you please. You can choose whatever suits you.

Try to keep the room well maintained and in a presentable condition so that it sells off easily. Whenever you put your listing on websites try to mention the amenities you provide and how you plan to charge the tenants. Also, try to get a copy of identification documents from the people who come to stay at your house.

Hair Dresser

This job does need a lot of hard work but can guarantee you a lot of money if you earn your reputation. Most people rent out space and have an organized shop. If you are just starting off you can work inside your home by allocating a dedicated room for work.

It is best to get some sort of training before entering into this business. You can also work at someone’s shop. It is obvious that you would earn more if you do hairdressing for women but these days salons are unisexual.

People usually work full time as hairdressers and part-time gigs won’t be much profitable. Your reputation grows with the kind of work you do, so make sure you leave a lasting impression on your clients.

Homemade goods

You can make any type of goods at your home, they can be food, paintings, crafts anything. All the goods have their own fan base. Try to make something which you can sell easily without much effort. Never compromise in putting the effort to make the goods.

There are different ways in which you can sell your goods. You can put them on online websites and send them to the customers via courier, you can also set up your shop at open markets, you can make deals with shop owners and become their supplier or you can take personal orders directly from customers. The choices are endless.

Etsy is a cool place to sell handmade goods.

Make sure whatever you make is legal and can yield a good value after the sale.


If you own vehicle of some kind (can also be 2 wheeler) and you are interested in driving people around for money there are great deals available for you.

You can partner up with a local travel agency and take tourists around, you can work through online cab services such as Uber or Lyft. You can sign up through your smartphone with minimum verification documents. You can also become an inter-city driver if you like to travel long distances on freeways.

Lyft.com is a great place, to begin with.

Each kind of work comes with its own challenges and benefits. You need to decide which category you fit in, how much time you can dedicate etc. weigh your options and make a decision. You have to be able to deal with people, and not be shy if any challenges come up.

Dress Making

This job is not as easy as it seems. You will be presented with designs for dresses and sometimes you might have to make the designs yourself. The interesting part about this job is that it can get you an entry into the fashion industry and you can work with famous brands and designers if your dresses seem interesting.

Everyone starts off small in this business and sometimes it might take time to start earning good, but the patience really pays off in the end. There are always dress making gigs available on social media websites for fashion. You might either be asked to submit dresses as per specified guidelines or you can directly present your samples. You can also create your own listings for the sale of goods.

Tattoo Artist

This is a very cool job and has become popular lately. It is obvious that you need to have knowledge about tattoos, their needles, how to start and how to end them, etc. There are different ways in which tattoos are made, so try to gain as much knowledge as possible. You need to be very careful as there is no room for mistakes.

You need to buy utilities of your own which are quite expensive but they do pay off with time. Initially try working at a tattoo shop to gain experience and then start your own business.

You can work out of your own home but there is very little chance of making good money. Try to set up your shop at a trendy place where much of the youth come to hang out. Once you gain your reputation, the number of customers will grow exponentially.

Yoga Instructor

Yoga instructors can be of different types. Initially, it is best to work under someone and gain knowledge about art. If you understand all parts of it, try to get some sort of certification from a reputed organization to prove your credibility.

If your own house is large enough, you can call multiple clients in batches at your home, alternatively, you can also rent out a studio and take your classes there. It is always better to take classes in batches (gives you more money) but if you have time restrictions or other errands you can become a personal yoga instructor. You would have to work for only a certain time and there won’t be much workload.

This job needs you to be very careful while performing exercises, so make sure you provide everyone enough space and take necessary precautions.

Garage Sale

This is a one-off job. Everyone has many items lying in their homes without much use. There might be some books which you have read and they are just lying in the attic eating dust or there might be some mechanical device which you might not have needed for a long time. It is time to take them out and earn some cash.

First of all, get all the goods you want to get rid of. Prepare a list of these items with their cost price and expected sale price. You can put up the sale in front of your house or at a market in your locality(consider the transportation charges as well). If you can try to keep the original receipts with you, this will help you ensure credibility.

Within a week you should be able to sell off the goods.


Thanks for reading! I hope this list of 20 legit work from home jobs without a computer is useful to you.

As mentioned at the start of the article, if you have no computer, you can look at here, Work from home jobs that provide equipment. You can work with these companies where they will provide you with a free computer and other required equipment at no cost to you.

Have I missed anything on the list? Do share your thoughts, in the comments section below.

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