45+ Best Under The Table Jobs That Pay You In Cash Instantly (in 2020)

under the table jobs

Under The Table Jobs

Are you looking for easy ways to make extra money under the table(“off the books”)?

Under the table jobs are basically jobs that pay you in cash, instead of a check or direct bank deposit.

In this article, I have researched for you the best under the table jobs that can earn you in cash and extra income for you and your family. This is a huge list of under the table (Cash Paying) jobs.

We will also look in the below article, as to where and how you can find jobs that pay under the table.

Note: All the job ideas listed below are “under the table” but the article and website do not endorse tax evasion against IRS. Not declaring your cash income to the government can put you in trouble, so it’s always best in your interest to declare it to the government at the end of the year.

How and Where to Find Under the Table Jobs

There are some cool online websites and offline places, where you can find jobs that pay under the table.

You should look for jobs that fit best with your skills. Fulfilling your client’s needs and solving problems will land you in jobs that pay well.

Here are some ways to find jobs that pay in cash:


Craigslist is a great website, where you can find a list of cash-paying jobs in your area. You can select your city and find jobs accordingly.

Note: You should always be alert for scams.


Care.com is another great platform where you can find high paying and quality jobs. You can look for different kinds of jobs such as Child care, Senior care, Pet care, Housekeeping and so on.

To get started, you have to just answer simple questions such as the type of service you want to offer, whether you are individual or business and fill in your name, address, zip code, etc, and click on “Join now” button on the website.


Rover.com is an awesome website where you can get paid to take care of the dogs.

They also have a cool app and you can earn up to $1,000 per month from the website.

Getting started is quite easy, all you need to do is create your profile on the website and provide them with information such as the type of dogs you would like to care and the dates you are available to provide the service. You get to choose your own schedule.

Some other ways to find jobs that pay under the table are Social media websites such as Joining Facebook Groups.

Alternatively, you can also contact local staffing agencies in your area that can help you to connect with businesses looking to hire temporary staff.

45+ Best Under The Table Jobs

Below is the list of under the table job ideas that can pay you in cash instantly.


Tutoring is one of the most organized under the table jobs. If you feel you have deep knowledge about a particular field, good enough that you can guide others, this job is for you. Tutoring needs not to be related only to education or academics, it can also be in other activities such as being a gym trainer, a computer teacher, etc.

First, you need to decide your forte. You can look up for listings demanding your skills or you can create your own listing, giving a detailed explanation of your abilities, the time you can dedicate for this job, etc.

The setting up cost for tutoring is minimal. You can do this at your own home or it can be outside wherever the environment suits you.

Depending on your skills, demand for them in the market you can get fair compensation as there is very little competition.


Babysitting jobs need you to take care of a child when its parents are away. The hard part about this job is that the working hours are somewhat odd. You might have to work on weekends at late nights or during the afternoon when the kid’s parents are working.

The trust factor is very crucial here. If you have good recommendations you can easily get your next job.

The job is not very hectic as you have to manage a child or two, in a home where everything is mostly comfortable.

Finding a job can be easy if you have enough free time on your hands and have proper means necessary to reach parents in need of babysitters. The pay is good, depends on who you work for, how you get hired, etc. This job can be full time if you can make yourself available for a full day. 


If you think you are good at making craft items and have a proper place to sell them, this job can pay off very well. You need to decide what exactly you are going to make, you need to procure raw materials and put in your hours.

The products can be sold in local craft shops, in local events or directly to people interested in buying them.

You can put a word about your skills on social media and interested people can contact you with their specific demands. For this you need to build your reputation, this can be done by showing your past work, having reputed people recommend you, giving free samples, etc.

The best part about this job is if people find your work appealing, you can charge good rates for your work whereas in other jobs an hourly rate is fixed. 

Pet Sitting

Pet Sitting jobs are becoming more popular with the years as people are becoming more interested in owning pets.

This job might require you to work mostly at odd times like during weekends or in the afternoon hours. Multiple social media sites have listings where pet owners are looking for people to look after their pets. You can also set up your own profile on such sites, tell about your previous experience, expertise, availability and your rates.

The payment is done mostly by an hour. The most important thing about this job is your friendliness with pets. If you can get along with them well it would be a cakewalk for you. The owners will give you a detailed plan for the pet’s diet, this needs to be followed strictly. Having recommendations from people with big friend circles always helps.

House Cleaning

House cleaning jobs are one of the easiest to find and work in. The investment is minimum as all the cleaning equipment like a vacuum cleaner, broomstick, dusting cloth etc. are already available with you.

You might be asked for one-time deep cleaning of the house, this would pay off very well or you might have to work on a daily or weekly basis, here the income will be stable.

The payment usually depends on what you clean, how big the house is etc. Such jobs can usually be found by indicating your availability through pamphlets, running ads on social media, through word of mouth, etc.

If you take one of your friends to accompany you on these jobs, the work would get done very fast but the profits would split in half, so plan accordingly.


Landscaping work may require you to do many different things related to gardening. For the simple part, it might be just cleaning yards, shaping bushes etc. On the hard part, it can include fertilizing the soil, planting in gardens etc.

This job is not merely passing time. You need to have some horticulture skills or at least someone to guide you in doing it.

This job is somewhat seasonal. As to clean snow, there must be snowfall in the first place.

This job might give good pay depending on the kind of work you need to do. To find such types of jobs you can ask people directly, indicate the availability of your services on social media, have good connections so that people can recommend you whenever such type of work comes up.


Gardening jobs are mostly available in residential areas where people have ample space in their backyard. Nowadays as people are becoming more health cautious, they want to know the source of their food and also want it free of pesticides.

You can do this either for the people whose garden you are using or you can rent the garden, do your work and sell the vegetables at a market. This job will require you to till the soil, remove weeds, plant seeds and grow the vegetables. This job won’t pay you by the hour if you work for yourself, it is seasonal in nature and you must have some patience to get to the benefits phase.

If you think you can wait for some time before starting to earn and have the necessary skills to maintain a garden, go for this job.


Out of all the jobs available, this job lets you enjoy your work the most. You need to be skillful in taking pictures and you should understand working around the camera, its lens and you need decent editing skills. Clicking pictures with your iPhone doesn’t count.

You can work as a photographer at weddings, engagements, corporate events, etc. You can also work at exotic locations, such as tourist places. You can hand out prints of their photos on the spot and can charge them based on that.

Before you get to the earning side, try to make a decent portfolio for yourself as people recruiting you would definitely look at it and this can help you seal the deal. Photography as a profession is competitive so, you would have to prove yourself every day.

Rent Out Your Room

If you are looking for quick cash without much hassle, renting out your room is one of the best options available.

You need not rent out your space on a monthly basis, you can rent your room on a daily basis for tourists, or those trying to avoid motels and their extra tax charges.

All you need to do is set up your room, take good pictures of it and create its listing on sites that tourists usually use. You can also put up a board outside your house (beware of the legal rules in your state). It can also be beneficial for you if you get in touch with tour managers, they can recommend your room to stay with their tourists. If you live in a tourist area, you’ll get booked up in no time.

Website Design and Development

A few years ago, building a website was a tough job and many people didn’t require it, but today mostly everyone prefers to have a website to share their story and build a strong customer base.

Today building websites has become easier than ever. You can use sites like WordPress or Wix to make your website. Also, you can customize it any way you like. You can pick this as a side gig or work full time, there are many people who want to host a website for their business. If you don’t find people readily online, you can always approach local businesses, explain to them the benefits and they might be interested in spending a few hundred dollars to put their details online. After some time working with the software and getting the hang of it, you can actually get to make a couple of small websites each week.

Since no physical labor is required, this is also good under the table job for the disabled.


You would be surprised by looking at the number of writing opportunities available to you. You don’t have to be a professional writer, you just need to be good at presenting your ideas to the audience.

Also, you can find listings almost everywhere, from social media to classified news articles, a variety of writing jobs are available. Find the domain that best suits you and start applying for the job.

Having some previous publications will definitely help but don’t get discouraged if you are new here, there are plenty of opportunities available for you.

This job is mostly done as part-time but if you think you have the skills and find an employer who can give you that sort of work, this job can really pay well. In addition to that, you would also get public recognition and more work will come to you. 

Software Development

The software industry is booming and is at its peak right now. There are multiple freelancing and corporate jobs available for skilled professionals. The best part about these jobs is that they require you to prove your skills and not your education. So, if you don’t have a formal degree, you still have a shot.

Listings for these jobs can be found on social media, news articles and also on company websites. The requirements, the technologies that you need to work on, etc. are explicitly mentioned, if you think you are a good fit, there is no harm in applying and you might get a call for an interview.

This job can be done as part-time which would get you easy cash depending on the kind of work you are doing but for full-time work you need to consult with your employer regarding the payments.

Personal Assistant

There is no proper job description for a personal assistant. What an employer can do is at best mention the most important tasks that he would delegate to you but the actual work might involve 30 different things.

To get into these jobs, first, build a good resume. Let the employer know what your qualifications and skills are. Be ready to do any errand which is not mentioned in the job description.

Trust is a very crucial factor in this job so having a good recommendation and keeping a good track record will most definitely give you an edge in getting hired and staying hired.

You have to be an extrovert to do this job as including the desk work you might have to talk with many people, schedule appointments and take calls. You must have good conversational skills and if you are a shy type of personality, it would seriously undermine your chances of getting hired.

Personal Trainer

If you think you are an expert in any physical exercise or have the knowledge to guide others, you can become a personal trainer. You can work independently or get affiliated with an organization. You can become a gym trainer or a professional coach.

You can either call the clients to you or you can go to their own places to train them. The second pays more than the first.

The key benefit is you don’t need to spend an entire day with one client, rather you can keep slots for different clients and activities.

You can put up your profile on social media sites with all your details, expertise as well as schedule. People looking for your skills will definitely reach out to you. You can also approach organizations that hire professional trainers. Build a solid resume and ask for an interview. This job will have more stable pay.


Mover job involves labor. But this is the quickest way to earn cash under the table. There are many classifieds and postings on social media and newspapers demanding movers. The amount of time you would need to spend is not fixed, so it is a good idea to ask the exact task before heading to do the job and plan your own schedule accordingly.

Usually, people who are moving from their apartment would need movers, sometimes old people need help in shifting their luggage and sometimes you might have to pick up furniture items from a store and take it to a condo.

The pay can be really good starting from $15+ an hour and you can always negotiate the rates.

Just make sure what the exact task is before going and plan your schedule around that. 


Painting jobs might require you to do a lot of things. If you are skilled enough you can go for painting on canvases and selling your paintings, you can go to paint murals and get paid by the type of work you do or you can be a support crew for people who paint. Many a time artists need someone to get their things ready and clean up after they have finished their work. This job would pay you good as labor is involved and you can negotiate the rates in your favor.

You can also go on painting houses, vehicles buildings, etc. No matter what work you do in this job, your hands will get dirty, be ready for that. This job can be done part-time or on a project basis.

Dog Walker

If you love dogs and can handle many of them simultaneously, this job would best suit you. You can do this job as part-time work in the evening by taking many dogs for a walk in the evening for an hour or two and return them to their owners later. Usually, people having jobs or those who are going out of town are looking for pet sitters and dog walkers.

You can make yourself available for dog walking by creating your portfolio on pet care websites and you might increase your chances of getting work by knowing people who have a huge social circle. This industry is competitive and handling 4-5 dogs at a time is not a joke. Be sure before taking this job and brain-write all the work you would have to do.

Hair Dresser

Hair Dresser jobs pay very well. If you want to start small, you can work out of your apartment and work in a separate room. If you think you can attract enough customers you can rent out a shop, buy or lease the necessary utility and start off.

You need to be good in understanding what the customer is trying to express, if you do your work good, business is bound to boom because your work would be visible to all and more customers would come to you through recommendations.

To start off you can put up advertisements in newspapers or distribute pamphlets, this is the best way to gather customers. Treat your customers gently, provide them good service and they will come back along with their friends. 


Becoming a driver needs only a few basic things. You need a car, properly registered license and decent driving skills. You can work as a driver for an employer or you can find work through agencies. Some of them might be online like Uber or others might specialize in providing driver services, for tourists.

Decide on which route is best for you, being affiliated with uber gives you to work on your own time but working for an employer ensures a stable pay.

It would be beneficial for you if you know the way around a town as this will save time and gas.

If you work full time as a driver you can earn great cash and if you do it with some organization, they might give you health benefits. Working part-time can help you pass your time and earn cash on the side.

Labour (Odd Jobs)

If you have a lot of time on your hand and can do pretty much most of the work that comes to you, you can find a lot of work.

People are constantly in need of manual labor for different purposed. The work might be to mow lawns, move furniture, do handyman work (you ought to carry your own tools), yard cleaning, removing snow etc.

There are many organizations which provide support for all these odd jobs, you can join these organizations or work independently. There are many listings stating kind of work and pay, you can approach the clients directly.

This is the best method to earn some under the table cash as you need not be an expert in any particular domain and still get hired for work.


Catering gigs happen all the time, everywhere. You can easily find where a big event is going to take place and which catering team has been appointed there to serve food. You can join such catering teams on per day basis.

These catering teams will give you some sort of training for a couple of hours and you would be good to go. The pay is not exceptional but you are expected to work only for a few hours say for 8 hours from the evening tonight and that would be all. If you have good cooking skills you can join the chef’s team or any other as per your convenience.

The bonus of this job is that even you can get to eat great food at the end of the event.

It is more beneficial if you stick with one catering team rather than switching multiple groups.


Are you bilingual? Then put your skills to their best use. You can easily find listings demanding people who can translate for them. These translating jobs can include content translation for websites, newspapers, etc. There is also a huge demand for translators for big MNCs. The work might be part-time or permanent. You can also be asked to work as a translator for a company when a guest or any person comes to them who speaks a different language.

These jobs pay really well if you do your work right. But you need to carefully choose the exact work you want to do. You might sometimes require to show some certification about your capabilities in a particular language if you acquire these certifications (which would be quite easy for you) your chances of securing a job might skyrocket.


If you think you have mastered any activity to an extent that you can teach it to others, then go for the instructor’s jobs. Also, you don’t necessarily need certifications to become an instructor.

First, you need to decide what kind of instructor you want to become. You can become a dance, guitar, gym, music, boxing, martial arts instructor and the list goes on.

After you decide your domain you can either create a portfolio of your past work, make videos for a demo, etc. also you can look up for listings on multiple websites and classified articles looking for certain kinds of instructors.

If you do this job at your own place or at the client’s place, you can save a ton on rent. But if you need special equipment, make sure to choose a place where you can earn a good profit after rental fees. 

Garage Sale

This is not really a job but rather a task for you to earn some cash. There might be multiple things that you would have bought over time and now they might be just sitting in the garage or the attic of your house. It’s time to take those out and earn some cash.

For starters, you can sell out hardware tools, books, electronic equipment and whatever you find in your house that you have not touched in the past 6 months.

You can either set up shop outside your house by putting up a big signboard and advertising your sale in some sort or you can go to people who buy the old stuff like pawn shops, mechanics, second-hand bookstores etc.

This won’t make you rich but you will get lunch money for at least a month and clean your house at the same time.


Repair jobs can be of different types. You can use some handyman tools to repair furniture, vehicles, etc. or you can repair gadgets such as mobiles, laptops and much more. People are always facing issues with the things that they use in day to day life. You can be their go-to man if you publicize your availability to them through proper channels.

First, decide what you want to repair. Then you can either join a group such as a garage, a repair store or you can set up your own shop at your own house. You need to decide on and gather the basic apparatus needed to do your work, this investment won’t be much and will definitely yield profit for you.

Publicize your availability in a manner so that people remember your name whenever they face difficulty in that situation.


 If you are in desperate need of cash and you can play an instrument very well, you can go for playing that instrument on the streets. Make sure the surrounding sound is less than that of your instrument and people notice you while you play it.

This work needs a lot of patience and some people are not that generous so stay calm always.

You can also become a disco jockey at clubs, parties, weddings and any other events that require a person to play the music. You need to understand the mood of people and play music accordingly.

Doing any of the above jobs comes with its challenges, be prepared and research about those jobs before going to work. 

Reselling Discounted Items (Flipping)

This is a good method to earn some cash and worth the risk. You can buy an item during a clearance sale, wait for some days so that the price of the item reaches back to its original value and then you can sell that particular item either to other stores or directly to people through online listings.

You need to take care of a few things during this process. Make sure you buy original items, keep a copy of the bill safe and most importantly you don’t damage the item or it’s packing. Try to get those items that would definitely be needed by people (this is a judgment call you will have to make).

Overall there is some risk involved, but with the right mind, you can earn a good amount within a month.

Tour Guide

If you have been living in a region where there is a huge influx of tourists you can do this job full time. If there aren’t many tourists coming to your area you can collaborate with tourism agencies and work for them part-time (whenever tourists come to your area).

If you have been living in a region for a long time, it would be an added bonus for you but if you have just moved to a place, you can still do this job. All you need to do is research about that particular place. Get your facts straight and plan a trip so that the tourists have a memorable vacation.

 Having key spots, famous restaurants and travel routes figured out beforehand does help a lot.

Snow Removal

This job is in high demand during winters and people in desperate need would be willing to pay a good sum to get the snow in front of their homes removed. All you need to do is go from door to door during snowfall and ask people if they need any help.

The best customers to target are the elderly and working-class people. I am not saying go and rip them off. All you can do is offer a helping hand and earn some cash on the side.

You might have to take a shovel or any other equipment with you. If you can get your hands on electric equipment, your work would get a lot easier

Make sure you work in safe conditions and take all necessary measures before you begin.


If you can get along with children and can take their care while their parents are away without much assistance, you can work on this job.

The work is basically taking care of the child, feeding him, making sure his sleep schedule is taken care of, etc.

The benefit of working at this job is you need zero utility of yours. You have to work at the employer’s house and for limited hours only, so you can do your own work as well. Sometimes along with this job you may be appointed as a housemaid. What work you really do really depends on what exactly you are looking for and what your employer is looking for.

 Leaving a good impression on the employer is really important as this ensures your job security and he can refer you for your future prospects.


You need to have specific skills to work at these jobs. The exact work you would have to do might vary depending on whom you work for and what work that firm does.

Usually, people, some kind of experience or knowledge are hired by employers. You might have to negotiate for cash payments with your employer.

For people looking to do a desk job, this can be the best deal. These jobs are available full time as well as part-time. There are many listings on different websites by many companies mentioning the exact requirements and the payout structure.

You would be having ample options to choose from but remember the same applies to the employer, so try to give your best in the interview.

Mowing Lawns

This is one of the easiest jobs to do. Lawnmowers can be acquired on rent or the person whom you work for would provide them to you.

The best thing about this job is that people always need someone to mow their lawn. If you are into gardening, you can do this as part of your full-time work. If you are not into gardening you can still work because you don’t need to have a particular skill.

Usually, people get jobs through word of mouth, so telling your friends, neighbors, and colleagues can be in securing a job fast.

If there is less competition in your area you can earn good money by negotiation in case of competition with many people you might have to settle for less sometimes.

Maid Service

You can either be a housemaid or a butler. You need to be highly professional while doing this job. Because for the employer you are a stranger and maintaining a trust factor is really necessary.

This job requires you to do all the household work which includes cleaning houses, answering calls, greeting guests, helping with managing grocery etc.

This is mostly a full-time job. This job has a lot of perks and you can earn decent money through this job to support your family.

You can also work as a helping hand to the head butler by doing only specific tasks for the house. So if you want to work part-time you can do this sort of work.

Delivery Service

This is the best job if you are not sure when you will have free time. You can join delivery service for food chains, they usually employ you through their apps and there are minimum verification documents you need to provide.

The thing with these apps is that they allow you to work on your own time, also they do provide a bonus if you complete a certain number of deliveries.

Apart from food delivery apps, you can also work as a delivery boy for other groups such as medicines, liquor, online sales websites etc.

The good thing about these jobs is that there are always requirements for your services and the payment rates are standardized. If you know your way around a city, it would be an added bonus for you.


If you have certain skills that you can put to use you can do this job. The good thing about this job is that you can work on your own time, get the products ready and sell them to a shop owner or at an open market.

If your designs get noticed, people might come to you with their specific requests and you can earn well by working on those orders. You can also collaborate with a gold shop owner where he would refer his customers to you for their special demands.

The thing about this job is that you need to build your reputation to get more orders. You can also create listings on websites indicating the list of items you have made and if you are up for any new orders.

Selling Produce

If you have a garden, lawn, terrace or a balcony where you can grow fruits or vegetables by dedicating some time every day you can earn great cash as homegrown produce is in high demand.

You need some investment to buy utility but eventually, it will pay off. Also, educate yourself about growing these products, understand what they need and how much amount.

The hard part about this job is that you have to wait for some time to start earning but the wait is worth it. Many people have doubts regarding the vegetables they eat which are grown on farms. Many people believe the vegetables are grown artificially and pesticides always find a way to enter your stomach. So sell them homegrown veggies.

If there are opportunities you can also grow vegetables in people’s gardens, give them a good deal and earn good on your part.


If you have a lot of time on your hands and have a vehicle or some means to transport goods you can do this job.

You need to look up a place that accepts scrap metal and pays you for it. You also need to research what kind of metal they accept and don’t. This research will help you save valuable time and space in your truck.

All you need to do is go through trash. You can look in your neighborhood where people are dumping old goods, you can go to abandoned buildings (ensure your safety) and look for metals that can be worth something. You can also get in touch with people who are moving out of your city. You can also get in touch with packers and movers (they might want money for some goods so make sure it’s worth it).

Tattoo Artist

This job can be done in two ways. Either you work out of your own living space or rent out a studio. The good thing about this job is the trend of getting inked is becoming more popular day by day.

The hard part is, you need to take a lot of care while working. Also sometimes people feel a lot of pain, so taking the decision to go on or stop is very crucial. Sometimes you might require to get some permits(mostly you won’t) to set up the place.

Try to get famous by doing some work for free or at a low rate. Try to publicize your business digitally and try to attract a trendy crowd. Remember what you show will sell, so give your best each time.

Computer Data Recovery and Repairs

If you have enough knowledge about computers you can get into this. Everyday people have some or other problems with their computers. You need to be well educated in computers and you must be able to find faults in them fast.

You can either get trained under someone who does this type of work or you can join some team and work for them. Being friendly with customers is also really important. Try to work with people whom you can get along with well because communication about problems is necessary for finding their effective solution.

The good part about this job is that with more work you get more experience and this can also add a boost to your resume while you are applying for other tech jobs. So students in tech departments have benefit monetarily as well as academically.

 Building and Construction

There are always openings for these jobs and if you have some previous experience you can easily be hired. The good thing about these jobs is that they pay you well and all the safety equipment is provided by the employer.

Even with all these safety measures, there is always the risk of getting yourself injured, so make sure you are insured before starting to work at these places.

Carefully go through the contract if any and clarify your doubts. If you have construction tools you can also approach people directly who need help for small work. They would prefer you because contractors would charge way too much for that work and you can always negotiate so that you make a profit.

Sell Used Books

This is a good way to earn money when you need to pay bills and don’t have the money. There are always books in your attic which have been left alone for years or the ones you bought last month and finished reading.

These things are just occupying space in your apartment and if they don’t carry much sentimental value you can always sell them to earn some quick bucks.

The tricky part about this is that you need to sell the books at a place where you can earn the maximum profit. Going to a second-hand bookstore is a good idea if you want to get rid of them quickly but he will pay the least. Try selling your books directly to people who want to read them, that will earn you the most. 

Fortune Telling

It might seem funny but a lot of people are making good in this line. The most important thing about this job is trust. People have to believe what you are saying so it would be wise to focus on that.

The other important factor is your reach. The right people have to know about you. You can set up shop in your own home or you can go to a popular place such as a mall where people can decide on the spot to look into their future(this is really good for business).

There are various websites online which allow you to use their software while charging a small fee. Also, do your own research and decide about what exactly you want to get into the fortune-telling business.

Yoga Instructor

It is one of the coolest jobs you can do and earn great. If you have a certificate in physical training it would pay much better. So if you don’t have one and want to get into this business, it would be better to enroll in physical education programs.

If you are new to this field, try to join a gym that has a yoga section, look for job opportunities there. Do your own research about which exercises would be good for what part of the body, the diseases they can cure etc. You can also become a personal trainer (a great way to earn money part-time).

There are many listings available for personal instructors as well as trainers at a gym. The important thing is your reputation, if people know you, you can negotiate good rates.

Massage Therapists

The thing about these jobs is that they require you to work with the clients while they are naked. So, first of all, you need to be comfortable with that.

Sometimes you might also need to prove a certificate. If you are doing it on a small scale out of your own house legal authorities won’t bother. If you want to set up shop, it would be a good idea to get yourself certified.

You can advertise your business online by either creating your own website or creating a listing on other websites mentioning details of your services. Sometimes clients may ask you to come to their homes, so that can also pay great.

Do your own research and always maintain good relations with clients so that they keep coming and also refer their friends.

Dress Making

If you have the skills and creativity to design clothes you can get into this business. This business has a lot of scopes and also a lot of competition. Therefore standing out among your peers is very necessary.

Do some designs for free initially, provide some samples so that people get an idea of what you are capable of. Make a name for yourself and sell your designs as a brand.

You can start off from your home and as the business grows you can rent a shop. You can use social media websites to drive traffic towards you through digital marketing.

If you make a name for yourself, people might come with their own customized orders for weddings or other functions, etc. You can also approach big brands in the clothing sector after time and have a good shot at becoming their employees.

Summary on Under The Table Jobs

Thanks for reading! I hope this list of best under the table jobs is helpful to you.

If you are looking for more opportunities, you can also look at my other article on online jobs that pay through PayPal.

Have you personally done any of the jobs above? How was your experience?

Also, have I missed anything on the list? Do share in the comments section below.

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